Often regarded as the most vital step in the sales process, learning how to close the deal properly is a talent that all good salespeople should possess.

Closing deals is so important because they determine the success of a salesforce.

You can spend hours sourcing leads, speaking with various customers and selling your product/service, but it may all be forgotten if it doesn’t result in a sale.

As reported by HubSpot and Zety in 2022, the average close rate for all industries is 19%. 

Here are some techniques that can help you increase your chances of closing deals in the future.

Ensure You’ve Found The Need

People are programmed buyers… but only for the things they need.

It’s no good speaking to customers who won’t benefit from your services. Not only is it a waste of time, but it leaves. Your company is open to potential negative reviews or a reputation as a spammy sales company.

It’s like trying to sell an aeroplane to a bus driver, a tennis racket to a footballer or a drum kit to a pianist. They don’t require these products.

During your initial research and sourcing phase, ensure you’re speaking with the correct demographic. Find potential buyers who require your solutions to make their lives better.

If you really want to know how to close the deal like a pro, take the time to consider who needs your product, when they need it and why they need it.

Once you’ve identified these key factors, you can adapt your approach and develop the perfect pitch for each potential buyer.

How To Close The Deal With The Right People

Once you’ve guaranteed you’ve found customers with a need, you must try and sell to the correct people.

Reaching Decision Makers can be a long, draining and often frustrating process. It requires persistence and a strong will to make it through the wall of gatekeepers.

But have you considered altering your perception of said people?

Decision Makers aren’t the only person you need to build rapport with – it’s equally important to get it right with the gatekeepers too.

40% of salespeople claim that prospecting is the most difficult aspect of the sales process, but is it hampered by their lack of willingness to engage with the right people?

Gatekeepers are people, not just an obstacle that attempts to stop you.

Receptionists, PAs and Appointment Setters have a big say in a Decision Makers schedule. Engage them in conversation and use your rapport-building skills to get them on your side to reach your target.

Speak To The Right People

How To Close The Deal When Faced with An Objection

Objections are commonly viewed as a negative that completely stops any progress.

In reality, objections are a fantastic tool that all good salespeople should use to their advantage. It lets the best salespeople know what to discuss next to advance the discussion whilst also addressing any concerns and continuing to sell their product.

The most common generic objections include:

“We don’t have time.”

“Your service is too expensive.”

“It’s currently unneeded.”

It’s good sales practice to have answers prepared for these.

Objections are great for progressing your sales pitch. However, it’s essential to find the right balance. 

You want to be able to engross a DM further into your sales pitch without disregarding their concerns. If they provide you with a real objection, don’t gloss over it. Take that time to address it and reassure them of your product.

Sales Techniques You Can Implement

If you need assistance with closing deals, you’re not alone.

So many salespeople stumble when trying to close deals. Understanding how to close the deal can help you meet and exceed your sales targets and become a more successful salesperson.

If you want to know how to close the deal like a pro, here are a few techniques you can implement into your pitch.

  • The Summary Close (recap of what they’re purchasing)
  • The Soft Close (selling without emphasising every point)
  • The Test Drive Close (try before you buy)

If you’d like to discover your closing technique, check out this useful article from Indeed.

Get To Work Closing The Deal!

How To Close The Deal The AvA-V Way

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