A top-tier sales team is a pivotal cog in any company. Business growth stems from your sales department onboarding new clients, which should then be passed on to other departments. To be successful in a frantic sales environment, sales specialists need a varied skill set. They will develop these skills through sales training courses.

This training can come in many forms: 1-2-1 presentations, interactive zoom calls or a dedicated engagement session.

Providing your employees with the opportunity to develop their talents is essential for both business and individual growth.

Sales training courses typically cover topics such as prospecting, sales management, negotiation, deal closing and client onboarding, amongst others.

AvA-V has a team of dedicated trainers who can provide your business with sales training courses to help empower your staff and assist you with business development.

Let us explain why you NEED bespoke sales training courses to increase your company’s potential ceiling.

Upskill Your Staff

Learning and development are highly-valued employment areas. In a recent report produced by Access Perks, 58% of employees said that learning and development were a major part of their job satisfaction.

Sales training courses are popular amongst employers as they are great for upskilling staff en mass.

If you have a large sales department, group sales training can be a more effective way to ensure that all of your staff are on a level playing field, creating togetherness and a stronger team bond.

Upskilling is also a cheaper solution overall when compared to hiring a more experienced salesperson. The HR Director reports that upskilling existing employees could save businesses over £36,000 per employee!

Which business owner wouldn’t want to save money?!

Upskilling is a cost-effective solution that shows your employees that you care about their future work. A big tick all around! ✔️

AvA-V Sales Training Courses

Business and Individual Growth

Simply put, it is impossible to grow a business if you do not develop the people. 

Every business should have a growth strategy in place. A large part of that strategy will involve sales. Your sales department is responsible for bringing potential clients on board which will bring you more work in the long run.

For example, your growth strategy may involve bringing larger clients with a higher turnover. Selling your product or service to these clients may require different skills to selling to SMEs.

60% of salespeople surveyed by Sales Insight Lab say selling is much harder today than it was five years ago.

By training your salesforce and providing them with the latest tips, tricks and techniques, you will allow more employees to work directly with clients. Training will help deliver more business as others spread the good word about your business.

Increases Staff Retention

Recruitment is an expensive business. Just hiring one new employee involves multiple hidden fees. You will have to organise salary, bonuses, training/inducting your new hires, paying recruitment fees, and many more costs.

You can avoid all of these hidden costs by placing your current employees on sales training courses to get them to the level of knowledge that you require for the role.

Employees want to be shown that they’re cared for and valued. Providing them with training that enhances their professional skills is a great way to show staff that you want to put time, money and effort into their career development.

A recent LinkedIn reports shares that 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development.

Employees that feel empowered to take on a task are more likely to be happy at work and have increased productivity levels. Sales training courses will improve overall team morale by creating a sense of unity.

All of these factors lead to an increased likelihood of retaining staff, as 40% of employees with poor training will leave a company within the first year.

The sales industry is typically a very competitive one and with the recent shift towards a candidate-driven market, your business must stand out against the masses,

 Ensure that potential employees want to work for you with regular and quality sales training.

Attracts More Talent

Candidates want to work for an employer that:

  1. Has unique offerings
  2. Shows that they are caring employer
  3. Can promise career progression

Show candidates during your recruitment process that you will train them. 

Candidates who know they will receive training designed to improve their abilities are more likely to choose you as their future employer.

Good recruiters should advertise training and progression as a company benefit in their job adverts. It shows potential candidates that you care about their futures before they even apply.

You will also attract more talent via your existing employees. If you provide your sales team with a sales training course that is beneficial and that they enjoy, they may use the power of word of mouth and tell others how great of an employer you are.

People who work for businesses that invest in training and learning resources are 83% more likely to feel happier in a job, which, in turn, will create a more positive outlook on their daily lives.

As we like to say, “People buy people” 👀

Get Your Sales Training Courses from AvA-V

When weighing up all of the benefits and evaluating all of the costs of sales training courses, your decision should be easy!

Sales training provides you with a more affordable solution to your recruitment problems. It also boosts morale amongst existing employees whilst providing them with the required skills to reach their next level.

Sales training works for all abilities from junior to leadership level. Everybody can benefit from a refresh and a new way of working!

AvA-V can help you get over your sales stumbling block. We provide our clients with bespoke sales training courses that cover all of the material that you require. 

Whether you need assistance bringing new candidates on board, help closing deals or a simple refresher on the whole sales cycle, AvA-V has a tailor-made solution for your business.

Let our experts help your employees become experts – Contact AvA-V today!

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Ryan Harper - Griffiths
Ryan Harper - Griffiths
Very helpful. Jacob Shaw who helped me was super friendly and straight to the point, and gave me all the information I needed. Highly recommend
Shual Ahmed
Shual Ahmed
I've been talking to Craig at Ava-v, a top-quality bloke full of ideas, and always happy to help. looking forward to doing work in the future with him. Shual
Stu Dowling
Stu Dowling
Fantastic 1 day course, thankyou David
Heather Poole
Heather Poole
The training was well structured, engaging and fun. I am looking forward to implementing what I have learnt into my day to day work habits. I would recommend any company that is looking for customer service training to use AVA-V.
P Jones
P Jones
Thoroughly enjoyed todays session covering customer experience strategies. Our coach for the day David Farley, delivered an excellent session outlining best practice, strategies and plans to help improve future interaction/communication with our customers. I would definitely recommend the course, highly informative and very entertaining.
James Anderson
James Anderson
Dave is engaging and highly informative.
Emma Skuce
Emma Skuce
Fantastic training, can’t wait to use it and see the results!
Oliver Hayward
Oliver Hayward
Brilliant day, very informative, really engaging. Thanks Dave 😁