No matter which industry your business operates in, nothing ever stays the same. 

As each market is constantly progressing, this means your company – and most importantly your sales team – must evolve and adapt too!

At AvA-V, we design and deliver unique, actionable and agile sales training programmes that drive behavioural change and directly turn your sales team’s pain points into growth opportunities.

Sales training possibilities with AvA-V are endless, and we’re dedicated to ensuring that your team have the most up-to-date tools and techniques to achieve success. 

Sales Training with AvA-V

This is why we work with sales teams at all levels to ensure that every individual within your sales division is equipped with the right skills and tools to make a real impact when working towards the same business goals. 

Whether you have a new wave of talent needing to grasp the fundamentals of sales training, or experienced sales managers wanting to adopt the latest selling tools, we can help!

From understanding the essentials of an effective sales pitch, knowing how to find and nurture lead opportunities online or mastering how to successfully convert prospects into loyal customers, we create bespoke Sales Training Programmes built on the foundations of the following workshops:

Master the art of booking appointments
In today’s ever-changing and digitally savvy economy, businesses cannot afford to wait for customers to come to them. Regardless of how healthy your bottom line is at the moment, if you’re not constantly prospecting, you’re minimising the growth of your business.

Bringing onboard new clients requires consistent and managed effort. As a sales professional, you must be able to confidently reach out and address businesses pain points… even if they didn’t realise they had any themselves!

Being one of the primary sales skills needed, our Proactive Prospecting Sales programme is designed to fully equip you with practical, actionable and impactful techniques that’ll allow you to go out and secure a position in the next stage of the sales cycle.

Here are some of the essential modules that you can choose to cover when designing your bespoke Proactive Prospecting programme:


  • Booking Value Driven Appointments
  • A Winning Mindset
  • Customer Profiling
  • Research & Lead Generation
  • Building Pipeline Activity
  • VIP Rapport
  • Decision Maker Call Structure
  • Qualifying Needs
  • Accelerating Trust
  • Live Calls
Build an effective network & create pipeline opportunities

The evolution of the digital landscape has provided an abundance of new ways to reach potential clients at a once unattainable global level.

From messaging clients on Linkedin to developing a successful sales funnel through the use of video messaging, digital & social selling is a vital aspect of successful sales in the 21st century.

But as the digital space becomes increasingly crowded, with an ever-growing number of sales professionals using social media and digital tools to communicate with prospects, knowing how to find relevant leads online and engage in a way that results in a conversion, is what will take you from a social scroller to a social-selling superstar.

Our Digital & Social Selling programme is created to ensure that your sales teams understand how to use social media as a powerful sales tools, stand out from the crowd online and make meaningful connections that create loyal customers.

Here are some of the essential modules that you can choose to cover when designing your bespoke Digital & Social Selling programme:


  • Linkedin Masterclass
  • Writing Content
  • Developing a Digital Strategy
  • Engaging Connections
  • Digital Messaging
  • Video Posting & Messaging
  • Online Application
  • Tracking Your Performance
The power of asking the right questions

As buyers now have endless options available at the end of their fingertips, having a good service or product is no longer enough to stand out against your competition.

Instead of solely focusing on securing a sale in the short term, salespeople must be able to confidently build long-term relationships to turn that initial sale into a long-term and valued client.

Focussing on the structure of sales conversations, our Consultative Approach programme provides a powerful roadmap for a successful, buyer-focused dialogue, as well as understanding how to discover customer needs whilst articulating points persuasively to close more deals.

Here are some of the essential modules that you can choose to cover when designing your bespoke Consultative Approach programme:


  • The Success Triangle
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Planning & Preparation
  • Powerful Agenda Setting
  • Rapport & Introductions
  • Framing Questions
  • High Impact Needs Analysis
  • Acknowledge & Empathise
Perfecting a design & delivering with impact

When delivering a pitch as a salesperson, you must be able to conduct a compelling case to persuade your prospect to act – whether you are pitching over the phone, in person or through a video call.

Our Personal Impact & Presenting programme is designed to help sales teams win business by understanding the tools and behaviours needed to deliver high-impact, customer-focused presentations.

From discussing ways in which to overcome presenting nerves to designing engaging visual aids that’ll confidently convey your points, this programme is designed specifically to make your pitch memorable… and yourself!

Here are some of the essential modules that you can choose to cover when designing your bespoke Personal Impact & Presenting programme:


  • Fears & Barriers
  • Effective Networking Skills
  • Attention Grabs
  • High Impact Delivery
  • Proposal Writing
  • Effective Visual Aids
  • Presenting the ROI
  • Handling Questions
Taking it over the line

You’ve successfully managed to engage a prospect and begin the sales process; now all you need to do is entice them to convert so that you can close the deal… which is easier said than done!

No matter how good your product or service is, if you don’t understand the fundamentals of successfully closing a deal, you’ll find it very hard to do so, especially if you have to negotiate with your prospect.

In our unique Negotiations & Closing programme, our Sales trainers share with you the core elements of a successful negotiation, how to implement them and the language and behaviours you will need to showcase as a salesperson to take a lead over the line.

Here are some of the essential modules that you can choose to cover when designing your bespoke Negotiations & Closing programme:


  • Defining Effective Negotiation
  • Outcomes
  • Building Value
  • Labelling & Mirroring
  • Trading Variables
  • Negotiating with Style
  • Objection Handling
  • Seeking Agreement
Finding new opportunities within existing customers 

Selling to existing accounts is one of the biggest untapped opportunities for revenue growth.

The ability to build relationships with clients and nurture them into strategic, long-lasting accounts is an essential skill in sales and one that many people lack… even if they have been in the industry for many years.

Our Managing Accounts programme is designed to fully equip you with the knowledge and understanding of how to successfully retain clients, gain repeat business and recognise opportunities to cross and upsell your products or services.

Here are some of the essential modules that you can choose to cover when designing your bespoke Managing Accounts programme:


  • Stakeholder Management
  • Key Relationship Indicators
  • Decision Making Criteria
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Impact & Influence
  • Account Planning
  • Problem Solving
Going above & beyond

Apart from having a standout product or service offering, the best way to gain customers – and keep them – is by providing them with a memorable experience that leaves them wanting to come back… even better, tell others about you!

As a salesperson, a prospects first ever interaction with your brand may be through you meaning that delivering 5-star service from the very beginning is crucial; understanding how to build loyalty, listen effectively and use appropriate language in different stages of the customer journey are key skills to develop.

By joining our Customer Service sales programme, we can help you exceed your buyer’s expectations, improve client interaction and ultimately, help grow your sales.

Here are some of the essential modules that you can choose to cover when designing your bespoke Customer Experience programme:


  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Retaining Difficult Customers
  • Understanding View Points
  • Managing Complaints
  • Understanding the Customer Journey
  • Effective Follow-Ups
  • Asking Questions
  • Empathising & Listening


Sales Training with AvA-V FACT 1

Top performing sales people achieve 125% or more of their revenue goals

Sales Training with AvA-V FACT 2

Investing in sales training is estimated to have an average Return On Investment of 353%

Continuous training gives 50% higher net sales per employees

Companies that train managers to manage their sales pipeline see 9% faster revenue growth

What To Expect From Us

We don’t design anything until we get to know your organisation and needs.

From gaining a clear understanding of how your sales team currently operates, your sales aspirations and overall business aims, we will only then design a unique sales training programme that’ll elevate your sales team and achieve a real return on your investment.

✔️ A Completely Tailored Solution For Your Sales Training

No two businesses are the same. 

They have different goals, cultures, people and processes.

This is why we only design and deliver fully bespoke sales training programmes that directly address your pain points, drive actionable change and implement new behaviours… meaning you achieve results that’ll maximise your sales team’s performance and keep you ahead of your competition.

✔️ A Collaborative Approach

No one knows your business or team better than you do. 

This is why we involve you in the development and formation of your sales training programme to make sure that the course foundations are correct from the very beginning.

From reviewing the design of the programme before it launches to regular communication throughout, you’ll be partnered with a dedicated Training Coordinator to ensure that the programme’s design and delivery exceeds your expectations. 

✔️ A Measurable Return On Your Investment

All of our sales training programmes are designed with actionable targets to be achieved over clear time frames.

Whether your programme runs weekly, fortnightly or over a few months, we ensure all progress made is measurable. 

At the end of your sales training programme, your dedicated Sales Specialist will provide you with actionable ways in which to continue your learning beyond the initial training programme to help embed the learning further. 

What People Say About Us

"I completed AvA-V's Advanced Sales Excellence course and it's the best training course I have ever experienced in my 15 years of sales".

Bethan Jones
National Account Manager
"I would recommend AvA-V for any form of Commercial Sales Training.

I have participated in many sales training programmes over the years and have rarely come across a training facilitator that engages such conviction like AvA-V's do"
Kelly Wall

"Had a fantastic time with AvA-V!

The training was focused on Negotiation Skills and Consultative Partnering.

I absorbed more knowledge from AvA-V in 2 days than any previous training in my entire sales career history".
Ryan Willson
Retention Specialist

"From start to finish it was really educational, it was empowering.

The best part for me was the engagement... Already I can see a big difference throughout our business as a result of it and there's some great tools that we're using".

David Lea
Head of Retail Operations