Finding your perfect candidate is difficult. It requires the implementation of a detailed and easy-to-follow candidate journey that guides both you and them through the process.

This challenging process becomes more difficult when you implement a candidate journey that is confusing, messy and hard to navigate.

It creates barricades for all involved parties, creates confusion and, ultimately, puts candidates off progressing with their application.

Getting this process right is so important. Of all candidates who have had a poor experience, 72% of those have shared that negative experience with others. 

To avoid developing a reputation as a bad employer, you must ensure the candidate journey is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Here’s how you can improve the candidate experience and make amazing hires.

Make It Easy For Candidates To Apply

Nothing dissuades people from applying for a role quite like an unnecessarily-long application process.

We understand you want to be as thorough as possible when narrowing down your candidates. You don’t just want to hire anybody for the sake of it.

However, this isn’t a task that candidates should undertake.

As the recruiter, it’s your responsibility to narrow down the candidate pool and conclude who is good enough to advance to the next stage.

All the candidate should have to do is apply, so let them.

If you’re advertising on job boards, you should detail essential information about the role at the very top of the advert. Key details include:

  • Salary.
  • Required Experience.
  • Location.
  • Main Duties.

If you’re advertising on your website, make the application form easy to navigate. They should only submit the most important details and documents and save the detailed questions for their first stage interview.

According to recruitment data provider Appcast, 92% of job seekers never complete their applications – think of how many applications you could lose!

Start the candidate journey off right with a simple and enjoyable application process.

Simplify Your Application Process

Improve The Candidate Journey With A Simple Process

All good application processes should be built upon a solid foundation.

As an employer, you should have a clear understanding of what’s going to happen at every stage of the process.

You should know how many applicants will make it past the first round of interviews, how many interview stages you’ll have and an idea of how many people you want to invite to the final stage.

If you do not have a clear hiring journey, your candidates may become confused as to where they are up to. 

Did they finish a screening interview, or was it just a catch-up with the hiring manager?

Mapping out a process to share internally and with candidates will help create unity and strong morale amongst both parties.

Communicate Often Throughout The Candidate Journey

Recruitment is greatly improved with effective and timely communication.

The candidate experience improves tenfold when you address applications appropriately.

But why?

Well, firstly, candidates want to feel like they’re being listened to. They want to know you’re listing to what they say during an interview, noting their desires and hearing their USPs.

As the Hiring Manager, you may have lots to say to a candidate, but if you can’t communicate that you’re listening to them, they may feel unengaged.

It’s also vital you maintain consistent candidate communication. Should you have an update about interview stages or times, you should share this in a timely manner.

Successful recruitment campaigns come from excellent communication.

Learn More About The Importance Of Communication In Recruitment Here.

Be Honest With Candidates

As the old saying goes, honesty is the best policy.

This statement rings very true in recruitment.

No matter your decision regarding an application, you must be truthful and explain why they may have been unsuccessful.

Nobody wants to be misled, and candidates certainly don’t want to be strung along. Let them progress with other applications by gently letting them know they’ve been unsuccessful with this one.

If possible, you should provide detailed and actionable feedback that can help candidates with future job applications.

This will help enhance your reputation as a progressive and caring employer, helping you stand out as 1st choice for any future roles.

Whilst we’re talking about feedback, you should also try to gain feedback from your applicants. Ask them how their experience with your company was, what they liked and if there is anything you could do to improve in the future.

Honesty goes both ways, but it is your job as the business to initiate it.

Be Honest With Candidates

Improve The Candidate Journey With AvA-V

If you need help ironing out your hiring process and improving the candidate journey, look no further than the experts at AvA-V.

We pride ourselves on our approach to candidate care and we put several measures in place to ensure the candidate journey is as smooth as possible.

If you’d like to know more, contact our expert recruiters who will be more than happy to help you!