It shouldn’t be a shock to learn that training, learning and development are vital to the success of your business.

But do you know what the L&D landscape looks like for 2024?

If not, don’t panic. It’s still early doors, and there’s plenty of time to establish a thorough plan to skyrocket results.

So, let’s run through the learning and development trends that are shaping 2024.

Stick around to find out our number one…

Learning And Development Trend #1

Another Step Up In Technology

As the world of automation continues to grow, there’s been an ever-growing demand for learning and development leaders to incorporate technology into their training.

A recent survey revealed that 72% of sales leaders don’t believe their people spend enough time in CRM.

Luckily for you, AvA-V have a dedicated module that teaches digital and social selling.

Get on the right track with digital technology and embrace the power of social selling.

Learning And Development Trend #2

A Re-Focus On Mental Health

This year, there will be less focus on culture changes, such as office well-being activities and a heavier focus on the root causes of mental health and evaluation of stress triggers in the workplace.

Rather than offering a solution to the problem, there’s a drive to tackle the problem head-on.

The aim of this is to hopefully improve the 1 in 6.8 people ratio of people who experience mental health problems in the workplace.

Learning And Development Trend #3

The Contribution To The Career Path

It’s said that employees’ hunger for a clear professional journey is rising in importance for 2024.

Only 29 per cent of employees are “very satisfied” with current career progression opportunities.

Learning and development can pave the way.

Learning And Development Trend #4

The Alternative Staffing Solution

In a time of economic uncertainty, many companies are expected to turn to upskilling their current employees rather than replacing them with more experienced staff.

Learning and development are widely known to be the crucial cog that helps people reach new heights in their careers, but are you aware of how useful it can be as a business-wide staffing solution?

70% of employees would be somewhat likely to leave their current job to work for an organisation that valued their career progression.

Now you know the top learning and development trends for 2024.

Are you ready to help your team embrace progression opportunities to make this your best year yet?

If so, get in touch with AvA-V.

We’ll design a bespoke solution for you and your team.

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