With the demand for Recruitment Consultants constantly increasing, now’s a great time to consider is Recruitment a good career? Did you know between 2017-2022 the employment placement agencies market size has grown 5.3% per year? This indicates a healthy and growing job market for those interested in pursuing a promising career in recruitment.

A career in recruitment can be incredibly rewarding. It offers unique benefits such as the ability to determine your earning potential, (to some degree) and achieve success for both yourself and the candidates you place. It’s a career path that requires hard work and dedication, but the rewards are well worth it.

Not only is recruitment vastly rewarding, but it’s also a great starting point for fresh graduates who are eager to ignite a promising career but don’t know where to begin. Igniting a career in recruitment will acquire you a bucketful of valuable skills and serve as a solid foundation for climbing the recruitment ladder or pursuing alternative job paths.

Let AvA-V help shed some light on the topic and fill you in on all the amazing details you may be missing out on.

Skills you need to be a GREAT Recruitment Consultant

Your recruitment career would greatly benefit from these skills…

  • Confidence – A career in recruitment is full of interactions and communication on a daily basis. Therefore confidence is a crucial aspect of becoming a great Recruitment Consultant. Having confidence in yourself is a great start but it’s just as important to portray the same confidence in the skills you offer clients and candidates.

When recruiters are hiring for an industry or position they are unfamiliar with, it’s important to have the confidence to back up their knowledge of the industry. They must trust their decisions to make the right choice for the job and be prepared to back up their decision-making process if questioned.

  • Communication  Being able to communicate effectively through various channels is crucial for Recruitment Consultants. You will need to have the ability to effectively communicate with candidates, clients, and colleagues through email, phone, and in-person interactions.

 As a recruiter, you represent the company’s face to candidates, so clear and concise communication is essential for becoming a great Recruitment Consultant.

  • Drive/Determination – In recruitment, the grind never stops. As soon as you’ve filled a role there’s more work to begin and more calls to make. Therefore, you must be willing to work hard and drive yourself to success.

In recruitment, you’ll have goals and expectations to meet, just like any other job. As you move forward, these targets may become more demanding, but don’t worry, with effort and dedication, you can definitely excel and achieve success.

The Benefits Of Being A Recruitment Consultant

Working as a Recruitment Consultant can be highly rewarding, but success ultimately depends on your level of motivation. The outcome is entirely in your hands, and if you’re willing to put in extra effort, here are some potential benefits you could enjoy.

  • Great career progression & development opportunities – In a recruitment role you will gain experience and develop your skills, not only when your first start but throughout your career! Combine these skills with a strong drive and you’ll be on the track to recognition, success and progression. All it takes is dedication and the right mindset to progress within a recruitment role quickly.

At AvA-V, we’ve seen successes as big as becoming a team leader within 6-12 months!

  • High earning potential – In a recruitment career you will have the ability to control your earning potential based on your performance. With hard work comes impressive bonuses and unbeatable commission structures, which allow you to earn more income by achieving specific goals or targets. Therefore you could be on a £30,000 base salary when generating £40,000 per annum!

Even if you have a bad month with no placements and commission, you can rely on the stability of your yearly base salary if included in your contract. Additionally, there may be opportunities to increase your base salary by hitting performance benchmarks and targets.

  • You can build meaningful and lasting relationships – For many Recruiters, the money isn’t the most fulfilling part of the role, it’s being able to help people secure life-shaping opportunities. As a Recruitment Consultant, you are responsible for helping find people the right job and potentially change their lives. 

As a recruiter, you have the power to significantly impact someone’s well-being and quality of life. Successfully placing a candidate can bring immense satisfaction and happiness. From introducing yourself to congratulating them on getting the role, every call you make has the potential to ignite meaningful and joyful relationships that can last a lifetime.

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Recruitment Is A Varied Career - No Two Days Are The Same

Working in the recruitment industry, you can expect each day to be unique. Although you may follow a similar routine, you will encounter different candidates and hear unique stories and situations that require your assistance. This keeps the job interesting and constantly evolving.

Recruiting can be a fun and spontaneous process. Sometimes, following strict plans can lead to a loss of motivation and productivity. However, this doesn’t apply to all recruiters – many recruiters enjoy spontaneous tasks to add excitement to their day.

A career in recruitment is so much more than just an office job! You have the power to change people’s lives and shape their futures. This fills you with joy and satisfaction after building a relationship with the candidates and supporting them through the tiring, hard job hunt.

Develop A Recruitment Career With AvA-V

AvA-V is growing! We are searching for our next Recruitment Consultants to help service our clients with our fabulous 7-star experience. So if you think you have the drive and determination to succeed as a Recruitment Consultant what are you waiting for?

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A career in Recruitment here at AvA-V includes training from the very best, where you will enhance and develop key characteristics and skills needed to excel in a recruitment role. These personal developments will set you up nicely to climb the recruitment ladder and develop your career.

At AvA-V, we take great pride in providing our team members with excellent support. We recognise that the recruitment industry can be challenging, which is why we make ourselves available to you whenever you need us. Whether you’re facing a difficult client or simply need someone to bounce ideas off of, we’re here to help.

By now you should have concluded, is Recruitment a good career for you?…. If you are interested in pursuing this career path, check out the AvA-V blog for guidance on “how to become a recruitment consultant

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