A recruitment consultant is responsible for pairing somebody with the perfect job. Recruiters spend their time reading CVs, communicating with clients and understanding where their strengths lie.

They’re the Cupids of the hiring world.

Recruitment is an industry that is full of life. It garnered lots of attention each year, and with a rise in the number of job seekers in the market, there is more determination than ever to place the right candidate in the correct role.

The world of recruitment is open to anyone. Entry-level recruitment roles do not require vast experience, industry knowledge or high-level qualifications.

If you’re a recent graduate, a college leaver or looking for a career change, you might be thinking of how to become a Recruitment Consultant.

You may have heard of recruitment consultants from a previous role. Maybe you’ve been contacted by a Recruitment Consultant before. Perhaps you’ve seen vacancies on job boards such as Indeed.

No matter where you first heard about the role, you now want to know more about how to become a Recruitment Consultant.

Let us explain how to become a recruitment consultant.

What do Recruitment Consultants Do?

Not all recruitment roles are the same. Whilst every recruiter shares the common goal of placing candidates into roles. How they achieve this varies depending on the nature of their role, industry and business.

Despite these differences, there is still a lot of overlap between most recruitment jobs. If you want to know how to become a recruitment specialist, common responsibilities include:

  • Writing and promoting job adverts that will attract potential candidates
  • Screening and interviewing potential candidates to perform background checks
  • Working alongside hiring managers to establish goals and targets
  • Negotiate employment offers with successful candidates
  • Networking and building relationships with potential clients

Each of these responsibilities is essential to the recruiter’s day-to-day workload. Depending on your employer, you may be able to shape your week to maximise your efficiency.

Whilst you may be given specific targets to meet regarding call volume, applications submitted or meetings held, you may feel the freedom to shape your week and manage these targets yourself.

What Skills Do You Need?

The skills that all good recruitment consultants possess do not come from years of reading a textbook in a library. They instead come from being good with people.

There are no blanket qualifications requirements in the recruitment industry. You do not need a degree to begin your recruitment career.

Recruitment welcomes the majority. As long as you possess basic qualifications (typically GCSEs or A-Levels), a willingness to learn and essential soft skills, you are already on the right path to success!

If you’re wondering how to become a recruitment specialist and unsure what skills you need, let us explain.

The most important skills for any recruiter to possess are people skills and communication skills.

Or as we call them, transferrable skills.

Recruiters meet with and speak to a range of people. Approaching candidates, hiring managers and clients all require different types of communication. You must be able to adapt your approach to the people around you if you want to know how to become a recruitment specialist.

Having an understanding of emotions and being able to show this is also another vital skill for any recruiter to possess. Being able to show empathy when rejecting candidates,  motivation when setting new targets and self-awareness during every conversation will go a long way in your future career.

The great thing about a recruitment is that anybody from any background can get into it – as you can see here. Here’s how to become a recruitment specialist according to AvA-V’s recruitment division.

How to Become a Recruitment Consultant and Develop Your Career

Entering the world of recruitment means you are stepping into a world full of progression and opportunity.

At the start of your Recruitment Consultant journey, you will likely go through numerous training courses that will help bolster your skills and make the transition into the job much easier. 

Your first job title may be Trainee Recruitment Consultant or Graduate Recruitment Consultant. Your first stretch in your new role will involve learning the ropes, gaining confidence and honing your skills.

Once you show that you’re SMASHING the job (which you will be), you may be in line to receive a promotion. You could start climbing the ladder and work your way up to Recruitment Consultant, Senior Recruitment Consultant or even Head of Recruitment!

The possibilities are endless! 🚀

To achieve these goals, you may need to move to a new branch or a different firm where development opportunities are greater.

How to Become a Recruitment Consultant and Develop Your Career

How to Become a Recruitment Consultant - What to Expect

We’ve discussed your day-to-day activities, but there are a few other things to be aware of when you begin your Recruitment Consultant career. Particularly, your recruitment consultant targets.

Recruitment is a dynamic industry and can require adaptability. Whilst your work may be office-based for the majority, some of your recruitment consultant targets will be based on activities in the field. Specifically, there is a high possibility that you will be required to commute to meet clients and candidates. 

These meetings may arise with little to no notice, so adapting and preparing on the fly is a useful skill to have.

Your work is likely to be fast-paced and requires you to focus on multiple aspects of your role simultaneously in order to meet your recruitment consultant targets. Multitasking, coordination and attention to detail are vital to success.

Depending on your company and the wage structure you agree to, there may be several opportunities to earn a commission after hitting your recruitment consultant targets. All our recruiters at AvA-V have a commission structure in place if they exceed their recruitment consultant targets!

Many other companies offer recruitment bonuses, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled if you want to earn some extra cash! 👀

How to Become a Recruitment Specialist with AvA-V

As a Sales Solution Specialist, we have many recruitment-based roles and understand how to become a recruitment consultant.

We have many industry-specific recruitment roles currently active for our clients.

This would be an excellent opportunity for somebody looking to take those first steps into their new role. 

We provide all of our recruits with continuous training, support and development. We help you shape your future and provide the foundations of a long and successful career!

Contact AvA-V if you wish to know how to become a recruitment specialist.