Retaining talent is one of the most important focuses a business can have.

If you wish to upscale your business, you need the right people to help you achieve these aspirations.

You’ve spent lots of time and money finding your dream candidates, placing them into the right roles and preparing for growth.

And then half of them leave.


Retaining talent is tricky and requires the right resources and attitude to achieve.

Here are AvA-V’s tips that will help you increase staff retention rates.

Set The Tone From The Start

One of many reasons why so many staff are leaving in the Great Resignation is because of false promises made by employers.

To attract the best talent, Hiring Managers try every trick in the box to engage candidates and sell their company as best as they can.

This process should be conducted authentically and show off why your company is the best but, unfortunately, it can often lack the shine that candidates want to see at the very beginning of the process. 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job.

Candidates want honesty, trust and care from their next employer, and many businesses don’t understand how to communicate this effectively.

The best thing you can offer candidates at this point is transparency.

Inform them of why you like their application, why you’d like to hire them and what will happen when they start.

Setting the right tone at the beginning of the process will your chances of retaining talent later down the line.

Retaining Talent Is About Being Different

Tying into the previous point, you must set yourself apart as an employer.

What makes you different to every other business in your industry?

The need for employees in recent years has started to outweigh the number of candidates on the market. This means you must make your business attractive to interest quality applicants.

Ensure you list your USPs to applicants in your job adverts and throughout the interview process. You must stand out against your competitors to stand a chance of attracting top talent.

This will all help you retain your top talent further down the line.

If you hire experienced and in-demand candidates, they will remain at your company if you’ve enticed them with USPs from the start. From there, you can hook them with your amazing benefits and fantastic company culture to make them want to stay at your business as long as possible.

How to Retain Your Talent

Retaining Talent Is About Investing In Your People

Making strong hires is great, but what are you doing to keep them happy?

As an employer, are you regularly putting measures in place to maintain morale?

You can’t just hire employees and leave them to their own devices – even the most experienced staff require support.

More and more employees seek training and development opportunities in every role.

In fact, 45% of workers would stay at a company longer if it invests in their learning and development.

Show them you truly care about them, their careers and their future by providing them with the training they require.

Whether they need assistance with a certain aspect of their role, personal development or help to step up to the next level, don’t deprive them of the support they need!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Feedback

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, retaining talent proves too much and an employee decides it’s time to move on.

There may be several reasons why they’ve decided to move on. Their decision may be a personal or a career-focused one.

Whatever the reasons, you need to understand why they’re leaving, just in case it’s work-related.

Hosting an exit interview is one of the best ways to do this.

An exit interview is a formal way of discussing why your employee’s tenure is ending. It’s a chance to discuss why they’re leaving your business.

If the reason they provide is business specific, try not to be offended by their comments.

This is a chance to learn lessons from past mistakes and turn them into growth opportunities.

If their issue was role-specific (such as a lack of training), you can take their feedback and implement it with the rest of your team to avoid problems in the future.

As negative as the name sounds, an exit interview doesn’t have to be bad. You can learn a lot from the staff who chose to leave your business.

Feedback Could Be The Key To Business Growth

Retaining Talent With The Help of AvA-V

If you’ve been struggling with retaining talent at your business and can’t figure out why, hopefully, this blog has helped you pinpoint your struggles.

All businesses can experience problems with retaining talent – it’s how we deal with it that defines the best employers.

If you’re struggling with staff retention and need help turning pain points into growth opportunities, AvA-V can help you.

We offer a range of training and leadership training programmes that are tailored to your business. We will focus on the areas where you require assistance and help your business shine.