Leadership is much more than just management. 

It encompasses motivating others, inspiring innovation and driving growth within a team to achieve a common goal.

Whether you’re looking to support your senior hires, talented Graduates or emerging leaders, at AvA-V our programmes don’t just nurture your brightest people, but build leaders who have the ability to change your business and elevate success. 

Sales Leadership training possibilities with AvA-V are endless, and we’re dedicated to ensuring that your team have the most up-to-date tools and techniques to achieve success.


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Great leadership is one of the most important elements of a successful business, but also one of the most challenging skills to develop; from understanding how to effectively communicate with different seniorities to strategically planning a team’s growth. 

And with a recent study highlighting that only 25% of an organisations total training spend last year went into leadership development, right now is the best time to invest in your leaders’ to help gain a competitive advantage within your industry.

Supporting all stages of Sales Leadership, from aspiring managers through to organisational leaders, we can create bespoke Sales Leadership Training programmes built on the foundations of the following workshops to equip your leaders with the skills needed to drive organisational success:

Designed with a new leader in mind

Leading a team for the first time can be daunting… having had no experience to build upon.

If you’re a first-time leader then you’re probably either relishing in the challenge or anxious at the thought – or maybe a bit of both!

As ‘normal‘ working environments have changed over the last two years, leaders of today have a lot more to learn and manage than ever before, with teams now working remotely and/or in a hybrid model.

Focused on providing new leaders with the foundations to be successful in their roles from the very beginning, our Essential Leadership Programme equips individuals with the core skills to elevate their teams, motivate individuals and drive performance… no matter where they’re working.

Here are some of the essential modules that you can choose to cover when designing your bespoke Essential Leadership programme:


  • Leader Vs Manager
  • Ground Rules
  • Remote Management
  • Action Centred Leadership
  • Prioritising & Delegation
  • Managing Performance
  • Effective 121 Appraisals
  • Performance Reviews
  • Objective Setting
  • Developing Others
Defining the next level of leader

So you’ve got the essentials of being a leader covered – great work! – and now you’re ready to enhance and refine your skills.

Becoming someone who is able to visualise, plan and make the most out of the resources they have to execute strategies successfully are some of the most sought after skills when becoming a Strategic Leader.

As businesses are looking towards their leaders for strategic direction – especially during these uncertain times – our bespoke Strategic Leadership Programme equips you with the skills needed to take your team and business to the next level; from understanding how to develop a high performing team to being able to confidently have courageous conversations.

Here are some of the essential modules that you can choose to cover when designing your bespoke Strategic Leadership programme:


  • High Performing Teams
  • Values & Group Development
  • Communicating Together
  • Courageous Conversations
  • The Success Triangle
  • Task & Activity Planning
  • Decision Making
  • Crisis & Problem Solving
  • Coaching for Results
Developing leaders that represent your organisation’s future

You’re now at the stage in your career where you’ve been entrusted in a leadership role for many years – and successfully too! You’ve demonstrated that you can make profitable decisions, communicate with individuals to resolve problems and motivate teams to drive results… now you’re ready to take your leadership to the next level.

Regrettably, some leaders focus solely on the the bottom line of a business and gaining monetary results.

But in order to build stronger relationships and assemble more effective teams, you must be able to understand both yours and others emotions at a greater level… and that’s where our Emotional Leadership programmes can help!

From exploring what Transpersonal Leadership looks like within a business to discovering how to use Social Intelligence, our Emotional Leadership Programme propels you as a leader to make real change… both professionally and personally. 

Here are some of the essential modules that you can choose to cover:


  • Transpersonal Leadership
  • Organisational Commitment
  • Psychological Contracts
  • System Leadership
  • Organisational Values
  • Emotional & Social Intelligence
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Regulation
  • Reflective Practice
  • Defined Leadership


Leadership Training Fact_AvA-V_83%

83% of organisations say it's important to develop leaders at all levels

Leadership Training Fact_AvA-V_71%

71% of organisations believe there is a lack of leadership abilities among leaders that are essential for future progress

Around 58% of managers don't have any leadership training

Leadership Training Fact_AvA-V_22%

22% of a companies revenue can be directly attributed to the quality and performance of its managers

What To Expect From Us

No two leaders are at the same stage in their leadership journey. 

In order to develop outstanding leaders – the type of leaders that people actually want to follow, work alongside and inspire to become – we don’t design anything until we get to know your business, people and goals. 

That way, we’re directly addressing your pain points and turning them into successes.

✔️ A Completely Tailored Solution For Your Leadership Training

No two businesses are the same. 

They have different goals, cultures, people and processes.

This is why we only design and deliver fully bespoke Sales Leadership training programmes that directly address your pain points, drive actionable change and implement new behaviours… meaning you achieve results that’ll maximise your leader’s performance and keep you ahead of your competition.

✔️ A Collaborative Approach

No one knows your business or team better than you do. 

This is why we involve you in the development and formation of your Sales Leadership training programme to make sure that the course foundations are correct from the very beginning.

From reviewing the design of the programme before it launches to regular communication throughout, you’ll be partnered with a dedicated Training Coordinator to ensure that the programme’s design and delivery exceeds your expectations. 

✔️ A Measurable Return On Your Investment

All of our Sales Leadership training programmes are designed with actionable targets to be achieved over clear time frames.

Whether your programme runs weekly, fortnightly or over a few months, we ensure all progress made is measurable. 

At the end of your sales training programme, you’re dedicated Sales Solution Specialist will provide you with actionable ways in which to continue your learning beyond the initial training programme to help embed the learning further. 

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What People Say About Us

"I completed AvA-V's Advanced Sales Excellence course and it's the best training course I have ever experienced in my 15 years of sales".

Bethan Jones
National Account Manager
"I would recommend AvA-V for any form of Commercial Sales Training.

I have participated in many sales training programmes over the years and have rarely come across a training facilitator that engages such conviction like AvA-V's do"
Kelly Wall

"Had a fantastic time with AvA-V!

The training was focused on Negotiation Skills and Consultative Partnering.

I absorbed more knowledge from AvA-V in 2 days than any previous training in my entire sales career history".
Ryan Willson
Retention Specialist

"From start to finish it was really educational, it was empowering.

The best part for me was the engagement... Already I can see a big difference throughout our business as a result of it and there's some great tools that we're using".

David Lea
Head of Retail Operations