The recruitment world has rapidly developed into one dominated by technology. Both businesses and candidates have access to a range of tech at their fingertips. Whilst amazing, this accessibility has emphasised the importance of candidate engagement in recruitment.

All parties in the hiring process have access to an incredible range of resources.

You can’t afford to just send the occasional email or make a spontaneous phone call. Recruitment is a rigid and structured process; candidates expect engagement throughout.

But why is it so important and how can you match their expectations?

Let AvA-V’s Jack explain how to increase candidate engagement throughout your recruitment process.

Candidate Engagement Is All About Relationships

Making a hire isn’t a transaction process…

…at least it shouldn’t be.

Numbers play a huge part in the recruitment process for businesses and applicants alike. Hiring costs, agency fees and, of course, salaries should be discussed.

But they’re not the most important aspects, not any more.

Relationships and communication have become higher-valued aspects across every stage of the hiring process.

No longer can you send a mass email where the only difference is the candidate’s name. Instead, focus on creating an engaging, thoughtful and personalised process that makes the candidates feel involved at every stage.

In an Echevarria survey, a reported 50% of job seekers declined an offer due to a poor candidate experience.

Here are some steps you can take to increase candidate engagement:

  • Personalise all texts and engagement.
  • Engage in small talk with candidates before you talk business.
  • Update them on their application regularly, rather than in one big chunk.

Remember - You’ve Got Competition

Recruitment can be difficult. That’s the long and short of it.

There are times when it’s clear that there is a lack of star candidates in the market, but this isn’t anything shocking.

However, it can be impactful when combined with the fact we’re still currently at the tail end of a combined Great Resignation and Candidate Shortage.

It is vital you remember you’re not the only employer looking for talent.

Indeed recommend that the average candidate should submit between 10-15 applications per week, so you’ll defiantly need to be quick to secure the cream of the crop.

If you develop a strong process, you can increase candidate engagement and heighten your chances of hiring quality candidates. A great candidate engagement process will help you become a more memorable and appealing choice when applicants make their final decision.

Increase your candidate engagement and reap the rewards!

Candidate Engagement Sets The Tone For When They Start

As a business owner, you’ll undoubtedly want to start on the right foot when exploring the talent pool.

Whilst your reputation and employer branding is essential to the hiring process, it should continue to be a priority after your new hires have started.

Set the tone of the type of employer you are during the hiring process and continue to expand upon it throughout their employment.

If you highlight your welcoming culture, lively work environment and dynamic team, applicants will know exactly what to expect from the get-go.

Nearly 4 in 5 candidates (78%) say the overall candidate experience they receive is an indicator of how a company values its people.

Guarantee you set the right tone with your amazing candidate journey.

It Will Enhance Your Reputation For Future Hires

In the age of online networking, information spreads like wildfire.

Whether it be good or bad, news reaches a wide range of audiences in seconds.

How does this impact your candidate engagement process?

Well, how you treat and interact with your candidates shows your reputation as an employer.

If you’re too hard on a candidate, ask them unfair questions or are dismissive of their attitude, they’ll tell people.

And they’ll tell people.

And they’ll tell people.

Before you know it, you’ll have gained a reputation as an unfair employer.

So how do we combat this?…

…By using the same channels on which negative reviews spread!

Develop a reputation as a business that values their applicants, candidates and employees and you’ll soon see the numbers in those groups sore.

People who are happy with their experience are just as likely to share their thoughts on a business and spread positive reviews online.

If you can increase candidate engagement and establish a reputation as a great employer, your people will do the rest of the work for you.

The Candidate Experience

How To Increase Candidate Engagement

There are steps you can put in place to increase candidate engagement that will grow your reputation and enhance your applicant journey.

Ensure you review all applications quickly. Many organisations have set days for admin duties, including recruitment. Get ahead of the curve and communicate with candidates soon after they apply.

Provide a hiring timeline. Once you’ve held an interview with a prospect you like, you should lay out how the rest of the hiring process should go. This will provide an idea of when they can expect contact.

Gather candidate feedback. Regardless of whether you do or do not hire an applicant, you should always try to gain feedback from your candidates and ask them how your interview process was and if they felt cared for throughout.

If you’re still struggling to engage your candidates, let AvA-V handle your recruitment process!

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