The recruitment world is experiencing rapid changes and a volatile candidate market. Coined “The War For Talent”, businesses across the UK are going toe-to-toe to tempt the best talent to their business.

From the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to The Great Candidate Resignation, there are many reasons why it is more difficult to find top talent.

Considering one in five employees are expected to change jobs this year, your need to stand out as an employer now more than ever.

So here’s AvA-V’s guide for getting ahead in the war for talent.

Plan Ahead In The War For Talent

Planning is essential when thinking about your future hires.

You need a detailed, thorough and achievable schedule to maximise your chances of making quality hires.

When you know you want to begin hiring, develop a plan with key dates outlined.

When will you start advertising? Where will you conduct your interviews? Do you have a start date in mind?

Current surveys show that almost 60% of all applicants abandon the application process because it takes too long.

Considering these questions will help you create a smooth candidate journey that will make potential hires want to work for you.

Get A Recruitment Plan In Place

Be A Business Where People Want To Work

You’ll have no success in the war for talent if you don’t make yourself an appealing employer.

Because candidates currently have power in the job market, you need to show off as the employer and make them want to work for you.

When you consider the best companies to work for in your region, you can probably think of the top two without having to Google them. They have done this through employer branding.

In fact, studies show that 75% of jobseekers will place consideration on the employer’s brand before they will take the time to apply for a position.

It’s time for you to up your game.

The first step is to create a strong company culture. Develop an environment where people want to work, where employees feel valued and where hard work and hard play are encouraged.

Once you have a brand, you must utilise it. You can do this yourself, but the best way is to get your employees to share their feelings organically. If you create an environment where people want to work, they’ll share their experiences with others on social media. This will develop interest amongst their associates.

You must then act upon this interest. If you have people interested in joining you for your reputation, you must act upon this quickly to attract the candidates whilst you’re the talk of the town.

Offer Generous Benefits

Because the war for talent is so competitive, you need to discover methods to stand out from the competition in addition to your now amazing employer branding.

Typically, this will manifest itself in the form of alternative employee benefits.

Don’t mistake this for offering ridiculous (and frankly unrealistic) salaries, but instead, think of what else you can give potential hires to tempt them to join your business.

Perks and benefits don’t have to be financial. 

Examples of unique benefits include:

  • Training, learning and development.
  • Career progression opportunities.
  • Early finishes or hybrid working.
  • Company events and get-togethers.

Take some time to research what professionals want. Save the pain of picking random benefits and wasting time with some informed research.

Generous Benefits Will Make People Want To Work For You

Use Technology To Your Advantage In The War For Talent

Many recruiters worry that the rise in AI technology will put them out of a job.

In truth, technology is here to enhance your work, not replace you.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay; there’s no doubt there.

Why not use it to your advantage? Using technology to get ahead in the war for talent is a goldmine for success if done right.

Technology can speed up the recruitment process, source candidates for you and even remove human bias.

It can tackle those mundane tasks you don’t want to face today.

Modern tools aren’t something to be feared – don’t be afraid to garner help from new sources.

Winning The War For Talent With The Help Of AvA-V

If you’re struggling to navigate the current candidate climate, it could be a good idea to seek external help,

Here at AvA-V, we offer bespoke recruitment solutions that will find the best candidates for your business.

Regardless of your location, salary offerings or required experience, we have specialist recruiters who are ready to help you find your dream candidates.