AI is everywhere. We see it on social media, TV and we’ve even started to see AI in recruitment.

It’s clear that artificial intelligence will be a permanent fixture in our lives, but to what extent?

Many people are worried about the impact of ai in recruitment and on our lives as a whole. Many worry they’ll soon be out of a job.

AI isn’t here to replace you – it’s here to be your friend.

Here’s how the impact of AI in recruitment can positively change your work.

The Impact of AI in Recruitment Will Help Remove Bias

When hunting for candidates, be it an internal search or a search for clients, it is vital that we have an open mind as possible.

All great candidates should be hired based on merit, skills and what they’ve achieved throughout their careers.

Whilst most recruiters do respect all candidates and make their hires based solely on CV successes, there are some unfortunate cases where bias can appear.

An AI algorithm can minimise unconscious bias in the recruitment process. Instead of letting name, age or gender influence their decision, artificial intelligence can focus purely on skills and experience.

However, as great as it can be in removing bias, AI isn’t perfect in this regard.

Depending on who programmes it and how it’s programmed, artificial intelligence can begin to exhibit the same traits as the people who programmed it.

When To Use AI in Recruitment: Use AI to help you overcome the biggest bias obstacles you may face. However, it is still essential to oversee the hiring process with a human eye so as to not unfairly discard applications that an AI may have passed up. 

It Can Save You Time

Recruiters are busy people.

Throughout the course of a day, you make dozens upon dozens of calls to candidates, reviewing their applications and making notes on their profiles.

Depending on your KPIs and your priorities, you may have little wiggle room to complete the rest of your tasks.

AI can help take some mundane tasks off your plate, allowing you more time to pace quality candidates. A reported 86.1% of recruiters who have used AI technology have sped up the hiring process.

Whether you have an automatic rejection system in place or call-scheduling software, AI can speed the recruitment process up for your whole team.

When To Use AI in Recruitment: Technology can save you time by doing easy and repetitive tasks for you. Consider using software to complete the easy, repetitive tasks that only require the click of a button.

How can technology enhance your recruitment process?

It Will Find Candidates For You

Just as it can reject candidates lacking the appropriate skills or experience, AI can highlight the strongest candidates in your pool.

Not only can it be used to analyse the number of years a candidate has worked in a role, but AI-powered software can also analyse a candidate’s online presence. This includes their social media usage and other public data they share online.

This helps you understand a candidate before you even meet them.

Whilst AI can help you understand people, it shouldn’t replace the recruiter research you conduct.

Whilst artificial intelligence can gather the information for you, it shouldn’t make the final decision.

AI can’t spot which candidates have a big personality, engage in conversation or possess natural leadership skills.

When To Use AI in Recruitment: AI can work wonders during your candidate search as it can be programmed to find applicants with experiences or personality traits. However, it should be used sparingly beyond this point. Save using AI in your interviews and give applicants that human connection they crave!

AI in Recruitment is Great... But it Shouldn’t Take Over Human Work

Using AI in the recruitment process has many benefits – we’ve made no secret of that.

It helps speed up the hiring process by removing bias and finding the candidates with the skills and experiences you tell it to.

But it can’t do everything for you.

Technology won’t replace human recruiters because it can’t make a fantastic phone call full of life or personality. 

It can’t win over applicants with a wonderful pitch they can’t refuse. 

And it certainly can’t reassure candidates after they’ve just been rejected from their dream role.

Whilst its benefits may be many, it lacks that human touch that makes a recruiter so special.

AI is there to enhance a recruiter’s job, not replace them.

Using AI in Recruitment

Are You Considering The Impact of AI in Recruitment?

If you’re considering the use of AI in recruitment, it’s important that you don’t go overboard with it.

The world around us is evolving, and using Ai is something that will become second nature to many of us in the near future.

There are already some amazing AI tools available to recruiters that can enhance your experience and help you drive better results.

How we use artificial intelligence will govern our relationship with it moving forward. As the number of technologies available to us continues to increase, we should embrace the opportunities they bring and use them to improve the recruitment scene.