It is often the case that those who lead by example are the ones who do not possess the title.

You may have leadership skills in your repertoire, regardless of the role you’re currently in.

Maybe you naturally get into the office early, or perhaps you’re the first to volunteer yourself when a group project is assigned.

Canadian author Robin Sharma once said, “Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration.”

So whilst you may not have the title, you can still acquire new skills, develop leadership traits and lead by example.

Here’s how.

Adopt A Consistently Positive Nature

We thrive on positive energy.

Seeing other people be upbeat, happy and motivated is more likely to make us feel great; especially when compared to if the people around us were constantly moody.

Having a positive attitude is a great skill. If you can demonstrate enthusiasm and willingness at all times, people will notice. Even if you’re not in a position of authority, you can still influence how others think, act and behave.

Even if the business has an off day and everybody is struggling, your positive influence can help turn the tide. You can lead by example by instilling happiness and boosting morale amongst others.

This is defiantly a trait that those who lead by example demonstrate.

Lead By Example By Being Approachable

People with questions, worries or concerns typically gravitate to those they feel most comfortable around. This may be a leader or a manager, but it could be a colleague they trust.

Teamwork and collaboration are essential aspects of leadership.

If you’ve noticed that people come to you with work-related questions, you may have a natural leadership aura that people seek in their leaders.

When people know that you take accountability for your actions and you want to handle the pressure of working with others, you build credibility as a leader.

So even if you don’t have the title, others know they can depend on you.

Be Approachable As A Leader

Lead By Example By Setting The Pace

Some people work better alone, but others thrive in a collaborative setting.

Those who prefer the latter often work best when there is a leader present who guides the way.

Great leaders are capable of demonstrating hard work, commitment and resilience. They can show others how to do it too. People who witness performances like these will start to incorporate the leader’s techniques into their style.

The people who lead the work aren’t always necessarily the leaders in the business.

Did you ever notice in school that you took the lead on group projects or discussions? Or are you often the first one to volunteer for a task at work?

These are both natural characteristics of a leader.

Even if you lack the title, taking charge of the pack at work is a fantastic way to lead by example.

Give Credit and Highlight Successes

The best leaders see the good in everybody.

They recognise hard work and appreciate when a task is complete.

People want to be appreciated. We seek validation and want to be recognised for our efforts.

To find this validation, people often turn to managers, as we expect praise to come from above.

But natural leaders will celebrate others’ achievements, regardless of their title.

Have you ever witnessed someone complete a really difficult project and congratulate them on it? That’s a sign of a great leader.

The best leaders are keen to share the successes of others and ensure that their hard work is recognised.

Acknowledge others for their contribution and their successes. Give credit where it’s due. Be the light that shines on others.

Celebrate Your Team's Successes

Lead By Example And Take Your Next Steps

If you believe you demonstrate all of the above skills, you have the potential to make big strides in your career.

Leadership skills come naturally to some. With some training, development and guidance, it can really flourish in the right people.

If you’ve shown natural leadership skills and are ready to take the next steps in your career, leadership training could be just what you need.