To build a great sales team, you need a quality sales manager to help them grow. This often isn’t possible without sales management training.

Sales managers are directly responsible for increasing your company’s ability to generate revenue, retain clients and maintain consistent business growth.

Your business may have a Sales Manager, a Sales Leader, or maybe both.

What’s the difference?

Whilst they perform similar tasks, how they approach them can vary drastically. Many Sales Managers focus on results and the final goal, not the people around them that help them achieve these goals.

Unfortunately, a lot of Sales Managers were never taught how to lead and only taught how to manage.

Not all leaders need to know how to manage, but all managers need to understand how to lead.

At AvA-V, we provide our clients with tailored training packages. These packages include Sales TrainingSales Leadership Training and Sales Management Training. We’ve seen the benefits of upskilling staff time and time again.

Let AvA-V explain why you should consider sales management training for your business.

What is Sales Management Training?

Sales management training is the process of upskilling a sales manager, providing them with new skills, management tips or a simple refresher on their current abilities.

Sales managers are great at selling, coordinating targets, aligning goals and pushing work over the line.

The barriers with sales managers can arise when others become involved. Knowing how to sell is different from teaching others how to sell.

Research from SRG and Selling Power Magazine shows that 73% of sales managers don’t get the training they need to coach a high-performing sales team.

Whilst they may know what to do, they cannot teach others how to do it. Sales management training aims to fix this.

Sales Management Training

Why is it Important?

Sales Managers have one of the most uniquely complex roles in the industry.

They have the job of maintaining company results, motivating other sales team members and finding new business, all whilst consistently increasing revenue.

Sales management training is vital because it helps your top salesperson hone their skills and makes them a great leader.

You can’t be the best Sales Manager without the management part – employees climbing up the ladder shouldn’t be expected to perform managerial duties without the right tools or support. New managers don’t receive the help of sales training courses. Even when they do, it is typically about paperwork, policies and procedures.

Good sales management training fixes this.

Good sales management courses cover the technical side of sales and the man-management aspect of the role.

Training is a critical aspect of any successful business because it allows your employees to grow, develop and hit their targets.

By having a figure to look up to and motivate them, employees will be more likely to hit their personal goals, which will aid in hitting team targets.

What should Sales Management Training Involve?

How to motivate a team

Keeping yourself motivated as a top-performing sales representative is easy. You can run away with momentum and continue to make placement after placement.

Motivating a team with varying levels of success can prove to be more of a challenge.

The leader must understand the team’s struggles and stumbling blocks and help them overcome obstacles. Members of your team will have different motivational triggers, and they will require something unique to help them get into full swing.

Learning to listen, understand issues and motivate staff are all skills that a good leader possesses.

How to create engagement

A Sales Manager is the person who determines the engagement of their team. Building strong relationships, taking time to talk to them as people and creating new, innovative ways to engage employees will go a long way toward your success as a manager.

Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all

Just because you were a great Sales Rep doesn’t mean that your way was the only way. Whilst you may have seen success taking one approach, it is crucial that you understand this same approach won’t work for everybody.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. A leader may need sales management training to help them understand that.

Recruiting and Team Building

As an individual Sales Representative, you only need to worry about what’s on your plate. As a manager, you need to understand the fundamentals of building a team, finding the correct people for your team, and placing them into the right roles.

These are skills that you won’t have needed in your previous role, so learning the ins and outs of hiring and team building via sales management courses could be invaluable to you in your new role.

Sales Management Training For Your Business

What Are The Benefits?

Sales management courses provide Sales Managers with a wide range of skills designed to help them become the best in their industry.

The skills developed from this training will also greatly benefit those around them. If, as a Sales Manager, you onboard new information that you embed into your day-to-day routine, you may subconsciously embed a “trickle-down” effect of learning throughout your business.

Trained managers will have:

  • Confidence to lead their teams
  • Coaching and leadership skills to foster a high-performance culture
  • The ability to hold their teams accountable to individual and group goals
  • A vision for what the business can accomplish and become
  • The ability to communicate goals and vision to their team
  • The ability to collaborate with others to achieve these goals

Sales Management Training with AvA-V

So it has become clear that you need sales management training to help overcome a stumbling block in your business. What should you do next?

AvA-V can assist you if you require sales management training for your business. We have a range of courses available that could benefit your whole sales team.

We have the best trainers in the industry. With decades’ worth of experience, they can assist you and your sales team in fine-tuning your skills throughout the sales cycle.

Our packages are bespoke to your requirements. Our sales management courses can be delivered virtually or face-to-face, and you can receive this training in one block or across evenly split sessions.