Constant miscommunication, stress, and lack of trust at work?  Luckily, leadership training can transform your work life!

Investing in your leaders – both present and those of tomorrow – can completely alter your business’s growth and culture. It’s no surprise that more and more organisations are investing in leadership training for themselves and their employees. Who doesn’t want a harmonious work environment?

Before we dive in, let’s establish what leadership training is; 

Leadership is described as…

‘Is the process of social influence, which maximises the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a gal’

Training is defined as…

‘The process of learning the skills that you need for a particular job or activity’.

Here are the four (of many) reasons why we are crazy in love with leadership training! 

1. Helps Identify Leadership Style

Would you rather take a dodgy, two-minute online quiz to find out your leadership style is, or be guided by qualified experts in leadership training? 

Everybody’s leadership style is unique and urges individuals to identify their strengths and weaknesses. By learning your leadership style, you can discover the best way to work with your team, improve communication, better your relationships and promote individual growth…The list goes on!

Here are a few common leadership styles are;

– Authoritarian Leadership 

– Participative Leadership

– Delegative Leadership

– Transactional Leadership

– Tractional Leadership

Click HERE to read more about each leadership style.

With the help of specialist trainers, organisations can pinpoint which leadership method is best for them. 

Why We Love Leadership Training

2. Learn Core Leadership Training Skills

Leadership training courses equip individuals with the fundamental leadership skills to persuade, influence, and take initiative – without coming across as bossy or ‘stuck-up’. It can be challenging for leaders to draw the line between friendliness and authority, but leadership training helps to establish a harmonious balance. 

Leadership development also isn’t exclusive to authoritative figures; no matter what position you’re in, you have the power to influence those around you.

3. Improved Relationships and Productivity 

As a leader in any kind of position, you have a huge impact on your employees and colleagues’ emotional well-being and how they perform at work. Research shows that workplace stress leads to an increase of almost 50% involuntary turnover. The turnover expenses that result from recruitment and lost expertise are large, to say the least. Luckily, leadership training can save you a whole lot of time, stress, and money! 

In the training programmes, individuals are taught effective strategies on how to avoid conflict and manage stress.

Leadership Training Improves Relationships

4. Improved Cooperate Culture

When leadership training is provided to employees who are not necessarily in a current leadership position, it benefits the organisation as a whole. 


It encourages individuals to take on more responsibility which increases satisfaction, leading to an improved corporate culture. Not only that, but by providing leadership training to your employees, you are showing that you care and value them; this strengthens their trust in you whilst also letting them know that you trust them!

 A recent study from PayScale revealed that employees that feel like their leader trusts them are more productive and less likely to search for a new job. The Neuroscience Organisation of Trust statesBy fostering organisational trust, you can increase employees’ productivity and energy levels, improve collaboration, and cultivate a happier, more loyal workforce.’

At AvA-V, we help make good leaders GREAT through our bespoke leadership training solutions. 

By engaging in thought-provoking conversations and providing practical tools, we drive behaviours that develop influential leaders…  because at the end of the day, behind every great business are great leaders who motivate and inspire others!