Are you having a successful season of festive sales?

You may think so by looking at the numbers, but sales is about more than just the financial results… it’s about having the best team to achieve these sales results.

Unfortunately, many employers aren’t looking after their salesforce this month.

56% of respondents in a Reassured survey reported not having a good work/life balance – and this is only set to worsen as the intensity of the festive reason ramps up.

Because Christmas is such an intense time of year for many salespeople, the chances of a personal slowdown are heightened.

So, if you have a team working at Christmas, let’s explore how you can ease the pressure upon them by encouraging a better work-life balance.

Working At Christmas Could Result In Burnout In Your Team

Burnout – “a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress”.

It’s a term we’ve all heard and something many of us have experienced.

Whether it’s deadlines, health or money worries, burnout can happen to anyone.

However, some people don’t realise that sales burnout can easily be combatted.

Reports state that if you have a supportive manager, you’re 70% less likely to feel burnout.

If your team are working at Christmas, be a good leader and support your team when they’re running out of steam.

Here’s how you can do just that:

  1. Help them organise their responsibilities list and push tasks of lower priority to the bottom of that list.
  2. Remind them of the great work they’re doing and tell them you’re appreciative of their efforts.
  3. Ask them if there’s anything you can do to ease the pressure on them.

Never let anybody’s tank empty completely, especially at Christmas.

Encourage people to take the breaks they deserve.

Bitterness Towards Their Work

Depending on the nature of your business, December may be your busiest month for sales.

If your service or products are a great gift or potentially beneficial to businesses at the turn of the new year, your sales team may be in overdrive, making more sales or securing new business.

And whilst the chance to earn generous rewards will motivate some, a supportive manager is equally as well received by many others.

So, what can you do to keep an entire team happy and motivated?

  • Manage Time And Expectations – Research has shown that when sales reps use effective time management, they report spending 19% more time selling.
  • Use Downtime For Sales Training – You could experience an 80% increase in sales per rep by investing now, whilst also keeping your staff engaged.
  • Offer Additional Seasonal Bonuses – Be one of the 36% of employers who offer bonuses, additional commission structures, or prizes for employees who exceed targets.

Deteriorating Mental Health And Wellbeing

The festive season should be filled with celebrations and joy, where Christmas cheer spreads around the office.

Something we don’t consider is the effect of work on our mental health at this time of year.

A reported 1 in 6 people have heightened strain on their mental health during the festive season at work, with debt and a need to make more money listed as one of the most common triggers (47%).

Check to see how people are coping with the seasonal targets. If they need support in hitting their goals, offer them advice and encourage them to keep going.

If somebody seems quiet, ask them if they’re okay – they may be hiding struggles you can’t quite see.

It costs nothing to be kind, especially at Christmas.

If you want to help your sales team navigate the Christmas period whilst being motivated and engaged for a fantastic January start, why not invest in training that’ll do just that?

Our bespoke training programmes will take the needs of your business and place them at the centre of a tailored training programme.

Can you afford to let your team burn out this Christmas?

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