Is your renewable energy recruitment process meeting industry standards?

There’s no denying the renewables sector is one of the fastest-growing and most important industries worldwide.

As the world shifts from traditional energy sources, renewables are staking their claim as the new leader.

39% of the UK’s electricity was generated by renewable energy in 2021, with that number set to rise further over the next decade.

With potential success at your fingertips, you must invest in a salesforce that guarantees business growth.

Luckily for you, AvA-V are a Sales Solution Specialist.

We’ve been focusing on the sales trends that can shape the industry, and we’ve uncovered the renewable energy recruitment diamonds that will help you exceed your growth plans.

Let’s explore how you can efficiently and cost-effectively grow your sales team.

More Demand Equals More Opportunities

The renewables sector has seen great success over the past couple of years.

To meet the demand of the dazzling heights, you must hire the people who can maintain the standards you’ve set.

As your business continues to increase profits, it also needs to increase headcount.

Past trends have shown us the steady incline of employment rates in the industry.

The renewable energy sector employed over 140,700 people during the 2021/22 period in the UK. What’s more, the investment in the renewables sector could generate up to 480,000 jobs by 2030.

Growth is very much the name of the game, both financially and in personnel.

Hiring Staff Is Nothing Without Retaining Them

Adding new bodies to your team is great, but your salesforce won’t grow if you don’t retain your existing staff.

87% of clean energy professionals are reportedly ready to leave their jobs, meaning staff turnover may match or even exceed the new hires you take on.

This is an issue that must be combatted.

Here are some secrets to employee happiness and wellbeing in the renewable energy sector.

2023 also saw pay increases in renewables roles, partly due to profits from ongoing energy surges.

We don’t need to tell you how vital employee satisfaction is, but we hope to provide you with some information that will help you take your business to the next level.

How To Increase Your Headcount

Employment could boom in the coming months, notably, in the Solar and Wind industries, as they are poised for transformative enhancements next year.

Rather than waiting to chance a quality hire, let’s enhance your salesforce now to guarantee quality hires later.

Here’s a range of simple ideas you can implement right now.

  • Create a clear, enjoyable and easy-to-follow recruitment process.
  • List how you see employees developing when they join your team.
  • Set realistic but engaging sales targets that motivate people to achieve more.

Don’t forget the importance of your employer branding when hiring new talent – candidates want to work for an employer they know will care about them – so demonstrate what candidates want through employer branding.

Break The Glass Ceiling With Quality Recruitment

So, now you’re ready to grow your salesforce, accelerate growth, and exceed all your targets.

All you need to do is hire the right people…

As Sales Solution Specialists, we can help you.

AvA-V offer Bespoke Recruitment campaigns that put the needs of your business at the heart of a tailored campaign.

We’ll create informative and engaging job descriptions, headhunt for quality candidates and screen candidates with the skills and attitudes to fit within your business.

You’ve never experienced recruitment like you will with AvA-V.

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