As 2024 is just around the corner, it’s time to prepare your team for the great adventure ahead by analysing 2023’s recruitment trends.

To have a team capable of conquering your market, you must ensure you’re making quality hires who can inspire others and ignite growth.

To achieve this, you must be aware of industry changes.

As a recruitment agency, we saw many peaks and troughs this year that will affect how we conduct our recruitment process in the future.

We’ve collated these recruitment trends into this blog, allowing us to forecast the year.

Here are AvA-V’s predictions for recruitment trends 2024.

Employers - This Is Your Market

For years, employers have had to face a job market that’s stacked against them.

The market has recently favoured candidates, with more vacancies than jobseekers.

This meant businesses had to fight for top talent, and many employers had to settle for their second or even third-choice candidates.

One of the predicted recruiting trends for 2024 is that the market will shift from being candidate-driven to employer-driven.

This means that, once again, recruiters and hiring managers will have the leverage not to make compromises.

Take advantage of having your brown pool of candidates to choose from in 2024.

Keep Up That Branding Work

We don’t need to tell you how vital employer branding is – we’ve told you before.

You know how vital it is to your business strategy.

And we’re sure you know you should keep it going… but for how long?

Employer branding, unlike other recruitment trends, is something that should be maintained if you want to reap its recruitment rewards.

75% of job hunters will consider the brand of any potential employer before applying for a position.

So, rather than us reminding you how great employer branding is, let’s put it into numbers. That way, you can quantify just how vital it really is.

Employer branding will…

  • Decrease your average cost-per-hire by 50%.
  • Increase qualified applicants by 50%.
  • Reduce staff turnover by 28%.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Forecast as one of the biggest trends in 2023, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion will return as one of the biggest recruitment trends in 2023.

But if it was a prediction last year, why has it remained?

Well, it’s set to be a key player again in 2024!

Many changes could affect your DEI policy in 2024, including a new generation dominating the workforce.

After all, we’re getting closer to that 2025 milestone where Gen Z could comprise more than a quarter of the global workforce.

It’s in your best interest to action this plan.

Forbes reveals that diverse teams deliver 60% better results and make better decisions in 87% of instances.

Embrace diversity and inclusion; create a workforce that can conquer on all fronts.

AI Can’t Be Denaid Anymore

In May, we wrote a blog discussing the future of AI in recruitment.

So let’s look at some of the topics we covered, and see if they might materialise in 2024.

Remove Bias: As much as they’d hate to admit it, human recruiters are prone to bias. 

Even when they try their hardest to remain neutral, bias is impossible to remove 100% of the time… which is why AI is so important for your 2024 recruitment process. It analyses numbers and facts to find the best candidates for your business.

Save Time: It’s reported that 86.1% of recruiters who have used AI technology have sped up the hiring process. This remains true 6 months down the line – Artificial Intelligence can help speed up your process by removing ADHOC tasks that are easy and repetitive.

Conduct Your Hunt For You: If you set your system up to recognise attributes in your candidates, you can set your system search up to hunt for candidates with those attributes. For example, if you want to hire people with 3+ years of leadership experience, you can set up an automated search to find people who match this criteria.

These are AvA-V’s predicted recruitment trends 2024.

We think the year ahead will be fruitful for businesses that want to increase their headcount with an abundance of quality hires.

Just one piece of advice – don’t leave your hiring till the last minute!

Get ahead of the competition with a tailored recruitment solution – start the year with a BANG!

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