Growth is the buzzword when we think of 2023 travel trends.

We’re aware of how the industry is booming.

We understand that travel is set to be a £12 trillion industry by 2033, with the UK retaining its place in the top ten countries that earn the most from tourism.

With such growth on the horizon, it’s no surprise that team expansion and team development.

Whilst you are the travel experts who follow industry trends like glue, we believe our understanding allows us to help travel companies achieve their growth aspirations.

Let’s explore these 2023 travel trends we’ve uncovered and examine how our experts can help you achieve your desired growth.

2022 Travel Trend #1

More Vacancies, Less People?

The hospitality, tourism and travel industry has seen numerous people-based trends and challenges arise in 2023.

With increased demand, there has been an increase in the number of vacancies.

The increased number of vacancies did see travel companies make more hires in 2022. The number of candidates placed in new travel jobs peaked twice in 2022 (March and May).

However, not all of these vacancies have been filled. And some remain unfilled to this day.

This is because the industry is experiencing such sharp growth that the talent competition has increased exponentially over the past few years.

Because of the competition for talent, travel organisations are looking elsewhere for help.

What To Do: Working alongside an external hiring agency can expand your reach and uncover candidates you may never have reached internally. At AvA-V, we use our knowledge of your industry and learn about your business and your specific hiring requirements. We’ll then source quality candidates, conduct screening interviews and submit candidates who fit the mould of your business. Think of us as an extension of your internal hiring team.

2022 Travel Trend #2

Candidates Want More

Despite increased vacancies across the hospitality and travel sector, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to attract talent.

That’s because the sector is currently expecting a peak in competitiveness, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

Overall, salaries for the average new job in travel jumped by 11.53% in 2022 to stand at a record £30,617.

Each of these upward trends is highlighted further by the fact candidates want more from their employers.

Not only do people in the travel industry want to earn more, but they also want to work for a progressive and dynamic company.

This is especially true with Gen Z bursting onto the scene. Gen Z is notoriously more selective about who they work for, with staff turnover rates and employee satisfaction playing a huge factor in their final decision.

What To Do: To attract top talent, showcase what you can offer candidates with your company culture and unique benefits. If you choose us, we’ll represent your company like no one else will. We champion your business throughout the hiring process, create excitement surrounding your brand amongst applicants and even handle negotiations for you.

2022 Travel Trend #3

Expansion And Development Remains A Priority

Because the travel industry is experiencing such extensive growth, companies are looking to expand quickly.

We understand that increasing headcount and hiring the right people has been a priority for travel companies for some time.

We also know this is something the experts have forecast.

According to a report from the UK Government’s Delivery Report from March 2023, The Hospitality and Tourism Skills Board is working to tackle one of the most critical challenges for the industry: attracting, training, and retaining a new cohort of young British workers.

However, an issue has arisen; many experienced hospitality professionals who would have provided that training have left the industry. This leaves some travel companies in limbo.

What To Do: Enlist the help of bespoke training providers (such as AvA-V) to help you overcome your potential future-proofing problems. Whether you want to make quality hires, find leaders who can guide others, or combine the two and train a wave of raw talent, our sales solution specialists are ready and waiting to help you.

2022 Travel Trend #4

More Companies Are Finding Alternate Ways To Hire

The travel sector is expected to employ 430 million people by 2033 (one in nine jobs!), so hiring managers are finding new ways to attract talent.

You likely currently advertise a role on a job board.

Has this seen fruitful returns for your business?

If not, it’s because all your competitors are advertising their roles too.

This means you must find an alternative hiring and advertising solution for your travel company.

Luckily, we’ve got a suggestion for you.

Social media.

You may not realise it, but social media is your tourism best friend.

Some of the biggest names in the travel industry have spent years building up their online presence.

Not just to increase sales, but to attract talent.

Ryanair is a prime example of this, creating weekly TikToks that show off the fun side of their business, building up credibility amongst their candidate pool.

Speaking of TikTok, did you know candidates can submit their CVs to TikTok?

Social media is a tool with endless potential for finding candidates.

What To Do: To stand out from your competitors as a progressive, modern and fun employer, use social media to its full advantage. At AvA-V, we conduct detailed social media marketing campaigns for our clients, conducting outreach campaigns that bring in quality candidates.

Get Help From AvA-V

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However, you have something they don’t – the help of AvA-V.

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