Have you ever considered adding young people to your workforce? If not, it’s something you should consider doing this International Youth Day.

Many employers think that experience accounts for everything when growing their team.

But what if we told you that investing in youth is one of the best business decisions you could make right now?

Here are our top four reasons for hiring young people – you might just change your hiring approach.

They Have Enthusiasm

One of the most well-recognised characteristics of young people is their enthusiasm.

Their role within your company will likely be one of if not their first professional role.

This develops an eagerness and enthusiasm to make the best first impression.

After all, who wouldn’t want to start their career on the right foot?

Hiring employees with an inflated eagerness will lead to increased productivity in your workplace.

Enthusiasm drives results, so a team of enthusiastic young workers will help your business achieve more.

They’re Tech Savvy

Young people are digital natives.

They live and breathe technology – there’s a reason why it’s often joked that their phones are glued to their hands.

The younger generations have grown up around technology and their understanding of how to utilise digital tools is unrivalled by anyone else.

This makes young people a great addition to your business.

Rather than spending time educating people on how to use technology, hire people who already know how to use it.

It will save you time, money and resources.

What’s not to love?

Young People Are Tech Savvy

They’re Adaptable And Willing To Help Out

Studies have shown that when unexpected events arise, youth will adapt faster than older people.

Now think of the last unexpected issue that arose in your company.

It was pretty recent, right?

Unexpected tasks pop up all the time – it’s likely you may experience a disruption in your day.

This means you’ll need people on your team who can adapt to these scenarios… which is why you need to hire young people!

In a landscape where priorities fluctuate, technology evolves and boundaries change, you need people who can be the rock that support others in achieving their goals.

They Create A Diverse Workforce

If you were to examine your current group of employees, would you say your workforce covers all generations and ages?

CIPD report that 32.6% of the UK workforce is over 50.

With how many Millennials and Gen Zers are now in the workplace, it can be shocking to see that the older generations still have a gasp on the job market.

But what does this mean for your business?

Creating a diverse workforce is also vital for future business success.

It can help you make quality hires, bring in new business and create a thriving company atmosphere.

By adding in a range of opinions from people from diverse backgrounds, you are more likely to discover the perfect idea, because teamwork shone through.

Recognise The Young On This International Youth Day

International Youth Day marks an opportunity for you to acknowledge the good that young people could do for your business.

If you haven’t already, consider hiring young people into your workforce to increase diversity, find enthusiastic employees and let the digital natives thrive in their environment.