As the festive spirit comes to an end and we make our way back into the office, it is time to start thinking about what lies ahead work-wise for 2023.

Those working in recruitment learnt a lot about the industry over the last 12 months. We saw a shift in power, new trends emerging and the passing of the candidate guard.

As a recruitment agency, we saw many changes in 2022 that will affect how we conduct our recruitment process in the future. 

Job vacancies increased but applications decreased. Job seekers became empowered to make choices that benefit them and their careers. As such, employers had to put more time and energy into recruiting the best employees. This led to an increase in the popularity of recruitment agencies such as ourselves.

Here are AvA-V’s top recruitment trends that you should be keeping your eye on in 2023 to help your business stay ahead of the curve.

Remote Work is Here to Stay

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in the early stages of 2020, remote and hybrid working has boomed in popularity. Many workers got comfortable setting up their laptops in their kitchens and partaking in zoom meetings. 

It can still feel strange to commute to the office almost three years later.

The Office for National Statistics reports that 84% of surveyed workers who had to work from home in February 2022 said that they planned to carry on doing so. 

These are recruitment trends that employers need to be mindful of if they plan to take on new bodies in the upcoming months.

It has become apparent that the enforced shift to remote working will be a permanent fixture of modern employment. Clever employers can take advantage of these recruitment trends by widening their talent pool outside their respective locations. You can now hire somebody from Newcastle for your London-based office.

AvA-V has many clients who have seen great success by switching to remote/hybrid working. We believe that this is something that should be considered by more businesses.

A New Generation Entering the Workplace

We are currently in the midst of a generational employee shift. We are approaching the climax of a transition where more baby boomers are retiring and more members of Gen Z are ready to begin working life. This “changing of the guard” marks a shift in communication styles, values and goals.

Lots of baby boomers brought forward their retirement plans due to the pandemic. As such, the pools of available talent dried up significantly for an extended period of time. As more members of Gen Z finish college and university, it is time that companies follow new recruitment trends to keep up with what matters to this new generation.

Companies need to start adapting their brand and creating a new front that will attract the younger generations.

In a recent survey conducted by Glassdoor, studies showed that workplace policies such as diversion and inclusion mattered more to younger workers than other age groups. Employers must consider how their values, work-life balance and career opportunities will affect the new generation of workers if they wish to catch the best fish in the pond!

AvA-V has the correct tools and knowledge to help you navigate these recruitment trends in 2023. By actively seeking out candidates, we can ensure that you stand out against your competitors, making you an attractive pick for potential employees.

Recruitment Trends in 2023

Candidates Want to Hear From You

As we discussed in this recent blog, communication is essential in recruitment. Potential candidates who apply for roles with your business expect a response soon after they apply.

Proactively engaging candidates has been commonplace when filling high-level roles but surprisingly absent from entry-level positions until recently. This landscape is changing for the better, with 84% of recruiters believing engagement is essential for all candidates. These are recruitment trends that must be respected.

Candidates now expect to receive timely and consistent communication. If they don’t experience this, they will quickly lose interest in the role. They may begin to speak negatively of your company to those around them.

Experts at Indeed suggest that only 37% of applicants receive feedback within one week of applying for a role. By instilling rapid recruitment response times into your business, you can leapfrog many of your competitors and remain at the forefront of job seekers’ minds.

We preach the importance of communicating recruitment trends with potential candidates. All of our recruiters establish regular touchpoints with their candidates which we have found increases their ambition and determination when interviewing for a role.

Let us handle your recruitment process for you! Our recruiters would be thrilled to find you your dream candidate.

A “People-First” Approach to Branding

Employer branding has always been important, but there has been a change in what people want to see from your business. Adapting to these recruitment trends can immediately bolster your chances of attracting talent in 2023.

The best employers are creating a new front where their employees are at the forefront of the business. The leading employer brand teams take time to carefully consider what content target audiences want to see. This can include:

  • Employee stories/testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Detailed and sincere About Us pages 👀
  • Company benefits
  • Leadership quotes and mission statements

How often have you been exploring an About Us page that was filled with videos, images and colour? These are the things that candidates look for on your website – life and personality.

In 2023, most people will be working passively and not actively seeking new roles. Employers must follow recruitment trends and make their business shine by showcasing why their company is best for job seekers.

What to Expect From Recruitment Trends in 2023

AvA-V’s Top Recruitment Trends Tips

Make your business exciting and approachable

Workers are increasingly looking beyond the figures on their paycheques and instead searching for a company that makes them feel valued and wanted. Get in front of your competitors by making your business one that candidates want to work for. Put effort into them and they’ll put effort into you!

Be flexible in your approach as an employer

Change will influence a lot of recruitment trends in the upcoming year, with new workers, adaptable working environments and a power shift towards candidates taking centre stage. You should look to prepare your business for potential change by embracing the difference that we may see in 2023.

    Let us help you!

    As a Sales Solutions Specialist, AvA-V understands the fluctuation in recruitment trends better than anyone! We take the time to carefully analyse recruitment trends to ensure that our clients always have a pool of rich and suitable candidates to fill their vacancies!

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