The festive season is full of heartwarming traditions: drinking mulled wine by the fire, spending time with friends and family and having a white Christmas. The list is endless.

We all feel the joint excitement and occasional stress of the festive period, but it can present extra challenges to those looking for work. Job seekers have to balance looking for work with buying presents and organising gatherings during the Christmas season.

We understand the pressure that this time of year can present – especially if you’re pursuing a new career. The stress of starting a job hunt during the new year can quickly become shattering.

It can be very tempting to take a break from your job hunt during this busy period. After all, you can pick it up again later down the line, right?

Well, the Christmas period is widely considered amongst recruiters to be the optimal time of year to find a new job. Many people assume that all business is paused over the festive period when, in reality, it can often be non-stop!

At AvA-V, we have compiled a list of reasons why you should continue to hunt for jobs over Christmas. The perseverance you show could end up being very rewarding!

1. A Lack of Competition

Looking for jobs over Christmas can help you beat all of the competition. As January rolls around, people start to set resolutions that they may or may not stick to (we’ve all been guilty of it).

According to Staffordshire County Council, pursuing a career ambition was the 4th most popular new years resolution in 2022. This means there will be a massive spike in applicants once January 1st rolls around.

Think of it like this… You start work at 9 am and your journey takes you an hour. Everyone around you has the same journey, so you all set off at the same time. This causes miles worth of queueing. If you were to set off just 20 minutes earlier, you could beat all of the traffic and have no problems getting to work.

That’s what it feels like to apply for jobs before the new year rush.

New year new job isn’t always the best approach to take, as we discussed here.

Why waste time throughout December when you could get ahead of the curve and find your dream job with little competition?

2. Take Advantage of Organised Businesses

All businesses want to be prepared for what the new year brings. All good management teams will have organised their recruitment needs before the Christmas rush. They’ll have jobs over Christmas that they want to list to ensure that business runs as smoothly as possible in January.

Depending on your luck, you may find a job opening during the “December rush”. This is the time of year when any businesses with leftover recruitment budgets have a pot to spend before the financial year resets, possibly in January.

Businesses are looking for a smooth transition in the new year. They want to recruit, hire and train candidates before Christmas. This is something that eager applicants can take advantage of!

3. Start Straight Away in January

This ties into our previous point, but the smooth stability that a January start brings isn’t just valuable for business – it is invaluable for you too.

Knowing that you are heading into the new year with a job offer, training provided and a sense of security can help you relax and enjoy the festivities. 

Hunting for jobs over Christmas can often allow you to start as the company reopens at the beginning of January. This means no awkward settling-in period after the business has been open for a week. You can be there alongside everyone else and be in the loop with everything happening in the business.

Hunting for Jobs over Christmas

4. Take Advantage of the Festive Cheer

Most people (baring maybe Scrooge) experience an uplift in their general mood in the run-in towards Christmas. Everybody is excited about their Christmas parties and looking forward to a well-earned break.

You can take advantage of this cheery mood whilst looking for jobs over Christmas.

There is nothing better than having an interview with a positive, relaxed and eager recruiter due to the holiday mood. 😁

Hunting for jobs over Christmas also presents you with extra material for conversations during your interview. 

Did you have a lovely Christmas? What did you get up to? Did you enjoy your time off? What did you get for Christmas?

These are all great questions that will help to engage a recruiter.

You can also research the business before your interview and see if they had a Christmas party or if they mentioned any personal milestones – some more great material!

5. Lots of Opportunities for Temporary Work

There are always work opportunities. We are in a recruitment trend where there are more job openings than applicants. Employers are battling for your interest.

The festive season is one of the busiest times in the business calendar. The November – January window sees Black Friday, Christmas and the January Sales all crammed into the space of 3 months. This demand provides plenty of opportunities for job seekers.

According to the Office for National Statistics, retail sales rose almost 2% in January 2022, compared to a fall of 4% in December 2021.

These statistics show that the demand for workers is there beyond the festive season, so those looking for jobs over Christmas shouldn’t give up hope!

These roles can provide a great platform to develop your career. Any job is better than no job. A stable income and a positive attitude will show recruiters you can handle your dream role!

So... I Should Carry on Hunting for Jobs Over Christmas?


Applying for jobs over Christmas is a terrific way to find a job that suits you.

From networking during the festive cheer to getting ahead of the competition, there are several reasons why you should hunt for jobs over Christmas.

If you’re struggling with your job hunt and need help finding your perfect role, AvA-V can assist you in your job hunt.

We have a team of specialist recruiters eager to help you make your next career move.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced applicant, we have a range of roles for everybody. We want to make your applications for jobs over Christmas an easy and enjoyable process!

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