Are you looking to land that dream job of yours? We’ve got you covered with some easy-to-follow tips on crafting a killer cover letter that will have recruiters and hiring managers scrambling over your application. Let us show you how it’s done!

A cover letter is the most neglected part of the entire application process. If written to a high standard, a cover letter is a perfect way to set yourself apart from the crowds. Lucky for you, over 47.4% of job hunters don’t include a cover letter unless the employer asks for one. This presents you with an amazing opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors by submitting a more compelling application.

The Importance Of A Cover Letter

It’s always worth writing a cover letter when submitting an application. Including a cover letter has numerous benefits, such as making a positive first impression on the hiring manager and recruiter. There are many ways to highlight your skills and qualifications to potential employers, even before you get the chance to interview with them. With some effort and creativity, you can present yourself in a positive light and stand out from other candidates.

Learning how to write a cover letter is crucial. An unbelievable 61% of recruiters believe that a custom cover letter is a guaranteed way to make your application stand out. In addition to this, a cover letter can showcase many things such as your passion for the role, writing skills, personality, and so much more. A recent survey revealed that nearly 40% of hiring managers say that cover letters make them pay more attention to an application! This is exactly why you should take advantage of this and learn how to write a cover letter that will blow recruiters away.

If you feel that you’re CV’s lacking, a cover letter is just what you need to enhance it! A well-crafted cover letter will showcase the key aspects of your application that employers are looking for. This allows you to expand on those points and demonstrate your expertise and abilities in greater depth in your interview. However, if your CV is in need of improvement, we can help with just that! – Check out this great blog and learn How To Make Your CV Stand Out From The Crowd

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What Does A Great Cover Letter Look Like?

The key to crafting an exceptional cover letter is to address the position directly. For each application you submit, you should make a new cover letter tailored to the requirements of the company and the role. Researching the company culture and job description can go a long way when writing a cover letter. By practising this you can identify keywords the company use to describe ideal candidates and use them to catch the employer’s eye.

 It’s crucial when learning how to write a cover letter to keep it concise. Top-notch cover letters are normally less than 300 words and this is because 36% of hiring managers spend less than 30 seconds reading a cover letter. Therefore, when deciding what to write in your cover letter, you need to only include skills and experience that are relevant to the position and company. Although you’re limited by words, you always want to include skills within your cover letter. Believe it or not, by not listing skills in your Cover Letter you could damage your chances of an interview by as much as 35%!

To impress potential employers and showcase why you’re the perfect fit for the job, it’s important to put extra effort into crafting a friendly and confident introduction. In just a few sentences, mention the job title, how you found out about it, and highlight your unique personality.

 Additionally, an effective cover letter will answer the following questions: Are you capable of handling the daily requirements of the job? Do you really want the job? How will you contribute to the success of the company? 

Throughout your cover letter, you should include your email address and phone number. To finish off your cover letter you should make a strong concluding paragraph that reiterates how your experience and skills align with the company and their ideal candidate profile. Thanking the reader is a nice way to end your letter and encourage them to contact you should they wish to progress the application.

After all the above sections are included in your cover letter, it’s massively important to not forget the last step! Finally, you should proofread your work, ensuring the presentation is clear, with no grammar errors or spelling mistakes and that it reads fluently.

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Hopefully after reading this far, you should understand the importance of crafting a good cover letter and what a great cover letter looks like. So why not give it a try with your next job hunt, and strengthen your application?