One of the biggest concerns in the recruitment world in 2024 is how to employ someone who’ll stay with your business long-term.

Staff stability is a crucial cog in the success of any business, but it’s also been decreasing over the last few years.

Highlighted by the fact that over a third of employees are likely to quit their jobs in 2024, it’s now more important than ever to hire staff you can trust to stay with your business long-term.

But how do you do this?

Let us explain how to make the right long-term hire.

Develop A Detailed Interview Process

The first step in making the right long-term hire is establishing a clear and detailed interview process.

A large portion of this turnover is due to a poor interview process.

The average turnover rate for 2023 is 47%, with a large portion of this being made up of people quitting because their role isn’t what they were expecting.

What can you do to improve your interview process?

Firstly, you must regularly communicate with all candidates and establish regular 

touchpoints. This builds trust with candidates, as they know you won’t ghost them.

Once you’ve built rapport, you must ask the right questions to candidates.

Develop interview questions specific to the role, as candidates may become confused if you ask unrelated questions.

Doing this will demonstrate your professionalism and sincerity about the opportunity and that you have their best interests at heart.

Followup On Your Promises In The Interview Process

Nobody likes a deceiver – especially in the workplace.

Forbes reports that 36% of Hiring Managers have lied during the hiring process.

If you promise that candidates will work on certain tasks, let them.

Don’t recruit them for one role and then employ them in another.

This creates animosity and will almost certainly lead to increased resignations.

The same principle applies to caveats such as salary and working conditions. 

If you promised candidates they could work from home or split time between the office and home, let them.

We mention this as this is, unfortunately, a prevalent issue in recent years.

If you want to know how to employ someone for the long term, ensure you follow up on details laid out during the hiring process.

How To Employ Someone With Regular Incentives

Knowing how to employ somebody for many years to come involves knowing when to hand out rewards to those who deserve it.

Let’s say you’ve had an employee who has worked with your business for five years. 

They’ve done great work, have been happy in their roles and often exceeded your expectations.

They then ask for a pay rise, and you say no.

How do you think that will make them feel?

They’re disgruntled, to put it lightly.

Be a part of the 90% of HR leaders making employee retention their number one priority.

Benefits don’t always have to be financial – your staff may crave a training and development programme or the ability to achieve an early finish by hitting their targets.

It really is the little things that can reduce your employee turnover rate.

How To Employ Someone With AvA-V

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