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MARCH 2022

Right at Home

Right At Home & Their Recruitment Requirements

A home care provider with 75+ franchises across the UK, Right at Home are a recognised and respected name in the care sector. They provide domiciliary care to patients living at home, giving them the extra support they need to continue living happy and healthy lives.

Right at Home’s success has stemmed from years of hard work from all employees, be that Managers or CareGivers.

Here’s why Right at Home needed to make first-class hires.

  • Big forecasted growth plans require exceptional leadership to drive results.
  • World-class care can be only be delivered by experts with industry experience and knowledge.
  • They needed the correct people in place to allow their vision to materialise across each of their franchises.

Whether it was Care Managers, Care Co-Ordinators or Registered Managers, Right at Home needed support to meet the demands of a national franchise in a fast-paced sector. 

Tailored Recruitment Campaigns | Right at Home

“It’s different to anything I’ve come across in the past”

The AvA-V Solution

With positions to fill in franchises nationwide, AvA-V had the challenge of finding experienced leaders across the UK that could hit the ground running.

We needed to be ready to adapt our candidate search to the needs of whichever franchise needed our help. This meant we had to:

  • Learn about the care sector in various towns and cities across the UK.
  • Scour the market and assemble a pool of top talent in the care industry.
  • Build connections with Right at Home Franchise Leaders and understand their requirements for every role they had open.

This last point was particularly important, as each Right at Home franchise has their own needs, demands and cultures, so spending time getting to know each Franchise Leader was an essential step in the process.

Following industry patterns and  trends allowed our dedicated headhunter recruiters to optimise the candidate search and find the best care leaders across the UK.

“Our expectation is to work with someone we can trust. With AvA-V, we can”

The AvA-V Impact

AvA-V’s bespoke recruitment process has accelerated Right at Home’s growth nationwide by placing top-level leaders in dozens of franchises.

Aside from recruiting exceptional Care Managers, AvA-V have provided Right at Home with a unique and collaborative approach that has yielded many great results.

  • We recruited candidates with a passion for the role and who were experienced and empathetic.
  • Our processes have increased transparency between ourselves and Franchise Leaders.
  • Uncovered new talent that has helped shape the future of their franchises.

Whether it’s been the support of our recruiters or the relationships built with our Client Services team, AvA-V’s impact has been massive. We provide a consistent, professional and thorough approach that Right at Home plan on using to continue their exponential growth.

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