Are you preparing for a sales interview? You’re in the perfect place! Sales interviews are a brilliant opportunity for hiring managers to get to know you as a candidate. The questions they ask will dive into your work experience, sales knowledge, skills, and even give them a peek at your personality. Get ready to show off your impressive skills and let your personality shine!

By preparing for these common sales interview questions, you can enhance your answers and create a more compelling interview! 

Questions To Prepare For

  1. Tell Me A Bit More About Yourself” – This question is very likely to be asked as it gives the interviewer an understanding of your ability to communicate. Not only that, this question also lets the interviewer get a feel for who you are as a person and an opportunity to see how well you build rapport. 

When answering a question like this, you should try to incorporate elements of your personal and professional lives. Maybe, start with an interesting personal fact like – “I’m a big fan of combat sports and I train Muay Thai three times a week”. After mentioning something personal, you can talk about something professional (such as how long you’ve worked in your current field or what made you go into your line of work).

  1. “What Can You Tell Me About Our Company” – There’s no doubt about it – you’ll be asked a question about the company. This question can help interviewers gauge your preparation for the interview. The interviewers will want to know that you’re enthusiastic about working for their company – not just the idea of working. 

Research is crucial when answering this question. Look on the company website to find most of your information. You could also research some competitors and discuss your industry knowledge.

  1. “Give Me An Overview Of Your Career To Date” – This question gives the interviewer an insight into your professional career whilst opening the door to share some of your more impressive professional accomplishments.

When you answer this question, don’t forget to discuss what attracted you to each opportunity. Describe each job change as striving for the next level.

    More Sales Interview Questions To Prepare For

    1. “Why Are You Interested In Our Company And This Role” – Similarly to question number two, this question helps the interviewers understand how enthusiastic you are about the company and role. 

    To answer this question, whilst conducting your research for question two, you should create a list of what excites you about the company and the role. Then, in your interview, you can explain why they excite you, whether they align with your goals or the role plays to your strengths…

    1. “How Do You Keep Up With The Latest Industry Trends In Sales” – This question will help the interviewers get a feel for how passionate you are about sales. It shows that you are in the field for passion, not money.  Staying up to date with industry trends demonstrates motivation, interest and a commitment to growth and professional development.

    Sales Interview Questions To Ask

    It’s common to have an opportunity to ask any questions you have at the end of an interview. This is a great chance to show interest, enthusiasm, and active engagement, which are qualities that employers look for in candidates. Asking thoughtful questions could differentiate you from the competition and give you an edge. Some examples of questions you could ask include:

    1. What Is The Culture Like Here” – It’s crucial for organisations to hire people who are a good cultural fit, and asking this question will demonstrate that you are aware of this. By asking this question, it can show that you’re intrigued whether or not their culture aligns with your values.
    1. What Will The Average Day Look Like In This Position” – Posing a question about the daily activities of the position can showcase your interest in the role and a good attitude towards working. By asking this question, you’ll also gain a better understanding of the roles for you.
    1. If I Meet My Goals, What Happens Next” – This is a great question to ask in a sales interview and that’s because it portrays your ambition and commitment. 
    1. What Tools And Resources Do Your Salespeople Use” – Asking this question can indicate to interviewers that you’re open to using new resources and tools as many salespeople are resistant to trying new technology.
    1. How Do You Train Your New Hires About Your Products Or Services” – Asking questions about training is a great sign for employers as it usually means you’re fully committed to joining the organisation. 
    Sales Interview 2

    Prepare For Sales Interview Questions With AvA-V

    You are now one step closer to acing your sales interview. By reading this short blog, you have already gained valuable insights on how to prepare for common questions and create compelling answers that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

    But that’s not all – asking insightful questions during the interview is equally important, as it demonstrates your genuine interest and engagement with the role. 

    With these enhanced sales interview skills, you are now more than ready to explore our exciting sales vacancies and land your dream job. 

    Don’t hesitate to take the next step towards your career success!