AvA-V are an AWARD-WINNING Recruitment agency!

There’s no feeling quite like being recognised for the hard work and effort you put into helping businesses grow and encouraging candidates to thrive…

Which is why we’re delighted to announce we’ve as one of the 2023 Cheshire Business Awards winners!

AvA-V fought off stern competition to lead the pack, being confirmed as…

Here’s how we did it…

What The Judges Were Looking For...

The competition for the award was fierce, and AvA-V had to show why we deserved to triumph to a panel of national business leaders and experts.

With a panel consisting of dozens of private & public guest judges, there was a lot of pressure on AvA-V to showcase why we are an award-winning recruitment agency.

They wanted to see a recruitment agency that had:

  • Innovated in the field.
  • Committed to their clients’ and candidates’ needs.
  • Showed proof of consistently delivering world-class solutions to global organisations.

What Made Us Stand Out Against The Competition?

Dedication To Candidate Care

One thing that makes AvA-V stand out as a leading recruitment agency is our commitment to the candidate experience.

Recruitment agencies are unfairly given a reputation for dropping candidates without a moment’s notice.

Not with AvA-V they’re not.

We pride ourselves on communicating with every candidate who applies for a role with us.

Regardless of experience or skills, every candidate who directly applies with us receives a 20-minute interview, where they’ll be allowed to shine.

We want to represent your business in the best possible light.

That’s one of the reasons we’re an award-winning recruitment company.

Commitment To The Candidate Experince

An Unrivalled Process

Recruitment with AvA-V is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before…

…because it’s completely bespoke to your business.

Many recruitment agencies farm candidates out to several businesses and place them with the highest bidder.

At AvA-V, we recruit industry-leading candidates chosen with your business in mind.

You’ll never see a candidate who we don’t 100% believe fits within the culture of your business.

Our commitment to recruiting the best for our plethora of clients has cultivated fantastic results, with a 4-week time-to-fill, 3:1 success ratio and 2:1 volume hiring position success ratio.

With industry-leading numbers, it’s no wonder we’re an award-winning recruitment agency!

Our Award-Winning Agency Is More Than Just Recruitment

More Than A Recruitent Agency

Our bespoke recruitment campaign does more than just place candidates – it creates an immersive experience that keeps clients and candidates engaged at all times.

This is demonstrated nowhere better than in our 7-star customer experience, led by our dedicated Client Services team. Their support in delivering first-class recruitment solutions helps add the cherry on top of the AvA-V cake.

What we do hasn’t gone unappreciated, with more than 400 5-star Google reviews from candidates and clients.

Experience Award-Winning Recruitment With AvA-V

So that’s how we became an award-winning recruitment agency (for the second time, we might add!)

If you want a tailored recruitment solution that will find quality candidates specifically for your business, speak to our recruitment experts today!