Many people have had experience with bosses we don’t click with. If you’ve experienced conflict with the people in charge, you may wonder how to deal with a bad manager.

It’s likely that you’ve had disagreements with leaders in the past. You won’t always agree on the direction of a project.

But these disagreements should be civil and in the form of a productive meeting. A bad manager will likely not provide thoughts in this situation. That’s if they provide them at all.

The tensions caused by poor management will lead to increased resignations.

In fact, a reported two in five employees have quit because of a bad manager.

If you work with a bad manager, what are you to do?

Allow us to discuss some of the characteristics of these people and how to deal with a bad manager.

Common Characteristics Of A Bad Manager

Closed Mindedness

If a functioning team has a strong leader, you’ll see ideas being shared all the time. As people brainstorm and have lightbulb moments, suggestions bounce off every wall and conversations flow.

A lack of this may signal that a bad manager is present.

Bad managers are often stuck in their ways. They’ve worked in the industry for 20 years, learnt their trade at a young age and are now stubborn to suggestions.

The lack of willingness to try new ideas and listen to other people’s thoughts can create friction in the workplace.

If your ideas are continuously rejected, you may be working with a bad manager.

A Closed Door Approach

You can differentiate between a good and bad manager by how approachable they are at work.

Whilst this isn’t always the case, a general rule of thumb suggests that a good Sales leader is approachable, welcoming and involved in the office.

You’ll typically see them wander around the office, engage in conversation with the team and have a laugh in the office space.

Contrasting this, a bad manager typically operates a “closed door” policy. They’re unavailable, stay in their office and usually keep the door closed. You can’t reach a poor manager without going through an extensive process.

Focused On Self

One of the most clear ways of identifying a bad leader is by looking at their goals and priorities.

If they’re actively involved in group work and embed themselves in a 

project, they’re a great leader.

If they had their own list of priorities and don’t get involved in projects, it’s likely they’re prioritising their own interests and not those of the wider business.

A good leader can do both. They can have their own milestones they want to hit, but they also help others play their part.

How To Deal With A Bad Manager

Work Within Their Boundaries

There may come a time in your professional career when you come to blows with a boss over how they work.

Your idea of a productive day may vary from what they think.

How you prioritise tasks will differ from their idea of priority.

As much as this can be frustrating, sometimes you have to go along with it.

As an example, if your boss is a micromanager who likes to control what your day looks like, don’t get angry at them.

Whilst you may think they don’t trust you, they might have a particular way of working that they want to share with others.

How To Deal With A Bad Manager

Avoid Gossiping With Colleagues

When you’re struggling to adapt to a boss and you regularly disagree with their decisions, it can be tempting to let some steam off in the office.

You try to validate your opinions and see if your colleagues share your opinions.

However, you must remember that everybody might not share your views.

If you start to gossip in the office, it will eventually find its way back to the boss. It doesn’t matter if your team consists of 5, 50 or 500 people – word will make its way to the top.

This could all lead to a whirlwind of troubles.

As dissatisfied as you may be with some of the things your boss says or does, try to avoid sharing your opinions too much at work.

How To Deal With A Bad Manager With The Help Of AvA-V

It’s clear that a bad manager can have a negative impact on your workforce.

But this doesn’t mean a manager will stay bad forever.

There are several opportunities for a bad manager to become a great leader.

Could a bespoke leadership programme help turn things around in your business?

If so, get in touch and explore our solution today.