It’s summertime, which alongside the warm weather and jet setting, means there’s an increase in people looking for jobs.

And it couldn’t have fallen at a better time.

What if we told you that in this job market, there are 800,000 graduates who are all keen to work for your business?

So whether your hiring managers have just been, are currently on or will be going on holiday, you’ll soon need to think about your recruitment needs.

It’s the right time of year to look at hiring recent graduates. That’s because the majority of graduates (57.3%) were in full-time work 15 months after graduating, while 11.4% were in part-time employment.

That’s a very small window.

Now’s the perfect time to go grad.

800,000 On The Market That Will… Future-Proof Your Business

One of the main reasons that people hire graduates is because you can onboard them all at once.

Think about it; people looking for jobs are hired en mass because they’re not tied to a notice period.

Graduate job applications have increased by 41% in comparison to last year.

This means all your new starters will be ready to work, developing strong internal bonds and subtly nurturing meaningful relationships.

Not only this hiring approach nurture your team for you, but it will also save you time.

Rather than repeating the same onboarding process and providing the same training over and over again, gather your new hires in one place and kill two birds with one stone.

Hiring people looking for jobs is an excellent and proactive way of future-proofing your workforce.

800,000 People Looking For Jobs Who Can… Be Moulded To Your Liking

An appealing factor in hiring graduates is that they have no previous work experience to fall back on.

This is often seen as a negative, and many employers tend to stray away from applicants without work experience.

But what if we told you that you’ll see more success if you hire people looking for jobs?

Whilst industry and role knowledge is a fantastic quality to have, there can be some concerns with only hiring experienced executives.

Candidates with decades of experience can often be stuck in their ways of working, which means they won’t adapt to your way of working.

This can lead to workplace tension, employee conflicts and lower productivity levels.

You can avoid these issues by hiring graduates.

Graduates have no prior work experience, meaning you can tailor their learning to suit the needs of your business.

Because they’re keen learners with no prior experience, they’re more likely to retain and implement the knowledge you pass on.

800,000 People Looking For Jobs Who Can… Fire On All Cylinders

The reason that recent graduates are so adaptable and mouldable is that they possess soft skills.

Soft skills aren’t taught, they’re learnt and developed through lived experience.

You’re very unlikely to develop soft skills sitting in a classroom, but what gives grads their wide variety of soft skills is their practical experience.

Whether it’s interacting with peers, sending an email to a professor or submitting an essay, it’s what happens outside of the classroom that counts.

Soft skills can include resilience, persuasion, curiosity or empathy, each attribute of a great salesperson.

People with soft skills make the best salespeople – hire them for your salesforce today.

800,000 That Can… Positively Impact Your Businesses Finances

At AvA-V, we like to say that graduates are a financial diamond.

That’s because hiring grads is much cheaper than hiring experienced employees.

We all know that hiring is a costly process; both in terms of time and money.

Not only will graduates likely be on a cheaper salary than most other candidates, but hiring grads is also proven to provide a solid ROI.

According to ISE, graduates contribute approximately £1 billion of added value to the UK economy – just think of the value they could add to your business!

Their fresh ideas and willingness to make a positive impact might help you break through the barriers stopping you from increasing revenue.

Hire The Graduate People Looking For Jobs Today

If you want to hire en masse, create a culturally diverse workforce and increase your ROI, graduates are the way to go.

They’re adaptable and mouldable and can be shaped to fit the needs of your business.

Don’t hessite – contact AvA-V and hire people looking for jobs today!