Giving Leaders The Support To Enhance And Empower Their People

MAY 2022


Giving Leaders The

Support To

Enhance & Empower

Their Power

MAY 2022

Right at Home

Right At Home & Their Leadership Requirements

A leading domiciliary care provider, Right at Home UK leads the at-home care market with innovative solutions and techniques.

With over 75 branches nationwide, they provide quality support that enables people to live longer, happier lives in the comfort of their own homes.

With so many operational franchises, Right at Home required bespoke training nationally to help progress the business to the next level.

They wanted to:

  •  Align their visions, create business-wide goals and lead by example franchise wide.
  • Empower their leaders to discover new techniques to develop their respective franchises further.
  • Accelerate growth across all franchises to help them become an even more prominent name in the market.
Training Your Current and Future Leaders | Right at Home Leadership Training

“AvA-V offer something 

completely different”

The AvA-V Solution

With so many delegates in various authoritative positions partaking in Right at Home’s training, they required a programme that would:

  • Expand the skillset of high-level leaders and meet the changes and challenges that come with the role.
  • Engage delegates with decades worth of experience in the sector to help them embed new ideas into their franchises.
  • Enhance their experience and allow them to be the best leaders possible with fresh leadership techniques.

This is where AvA-V’s “Take the Lead” programme came into effect. 

Designed solely for Right At Home and addressing common care frustrations, Take The Lead consisted of 10 different topics that were covered across a structured programme. Whether it was discovering the crucial differences between a Leader vs Manager, learning to Lead Self & Others or developing Courageous Conversations, the programme expertly taught common issues faced by those in leadership positions in the care industry.

Take The Lead had to accommodate the delegates’ busy schedules, as the care industry demands a lot from its leaders and managers.

These delegates devote themselves to the businesses, their franchises and their patients. As such, our training focused on helping participants grow their franchises and look after their people.

“Every person that I’ve met from AvA-V has been full of energy and positivity”

The AvA-V Impact

As a result of AvA-V and the Take the Lead programme, Right at Home have seen a drastic increase in staff performance in franchises nationwide.

  • Their managers are leading more effectively than ever before.
  • They’ve seen a strong return on investment and revenue bounce back after the pandemic.
  • Staff retention has increased as people are more hungry for the challenge.

Take The Lead has proved to Right at Home that the performance of their CareGivers on the ground can improve by learning and development at the top. Since helping those at the top, they’ve seen increased performances across the board.

The tide is turning at Right at Home. As franchises continue to grow and more carers join the business, AvA-V’s training is helping them maintain growth and challenge other domiciliary care providers.

They’ve also recognised the challenges that the care sector faces at present and will face in the future, which is why they’re investing in their staff now. 

They want to be ready to take the organisation to the next level and continue expanding their franchises.

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