Handling common sales objections is one of the most valuable skills a salesperson can possess. 

It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is – you’ll always encounter people who don’t immediately want to buy.

No salesperson has ever possessed a 100% conversion rate, and nobody ever will, so learning how to work with people who say no is a skill you can’t afford to have.

35% of salespeople say overcoming objections is one of their biggest challenges. It’s up to you to utilise the power of objection handling to get the most value out of each prospect.

So, with Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d analyse some of the most common sales objections from 2023 and show you how you can avoid being spooked by what customers say. 

Common Sales Objections #1

“I’m Not The Right Person To Ask”

Even though you’ve put in the leg work and found prospects that match your target audience criteria, you’ll sometimes face people who say, “I’m not the right person to talk to”.

This can be annoying, as you’ve put lots of hard work into building your pipeline, only for it to not be 100% correct. Worry not.

What You Can Do: Kindly ask the prospect if they could point you in the right direction and connect you with the correct decision-maker. Their next steps will show their sincerity and if they have a genuine interest in your company.

Common Sales Objection #2

“It’s Not The Right Time”

If a prospect tells you that now is not the right time to purchase, it likely means they’re not ready to commit to a big purchase.

This objection may have less to do with the quality of your service and more with the fear of committing to something without further research.

What You Can Do: Communicate to the prospect that delaying their purchase may result in missing out on certain benefits or opportunities. Start their inner clock by igniting the FOMO factor within them.

Common Sales Objection #3

“I’m Already With Someone Else”

If you reach out to a prospect who is already using your competitor’s services, you have the perfect opportunity to upsell your product and highlight why you’re so much better than them!

What You Can Do: Ask questions that open up the opportunity to sell your company. Highlight why you’re better than your competitors to win your prospect over.

Common Sales Objections #4

“I’ve Had A Bad Experience With A Similar Product/Service”

This is an exciting objection, as the prospect has shown no signs that you’ve done anything wrong in your sales pitch. Because of this, you have more room to showcase how excellent your business is and why the prospect can’t afford to not listen to you.

What You Can Do: Offer your condolences and ask what it was about their previous purchase they didn’t like. By learning about their experience, you can use your rapport-building skills to explain why your offering is different, citing their specific pain points in your pitch.

Handling Common Sales Objections With AvA-V

Be Open-Minded – Always keep an open mind during your sales pitch, and keep an ear out for any information a prospect may let slip. Top sales reps handle objections by asking questions 54.3% of the time.

Offer Reassurance – If at any point during your pitch, your prospect is showing signs of losing interest, offer them reassurance that they need this pitch and give them reasons to carry on listening.

Seek External Support

If your sales team needs an additional boost to help them handle more objections and close more deals, you should seek the support of sales training experts…

…Such as AvA-V!

Our dedicated sales training specialists offer dedicated courses that cover not only objection handling but the entirety of the sales cycle.

We want to help your business reach new heights with tailored sales training programmes.

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