How has your sales performance been in 2023?

Have your growth plans been achieved?

We know it’s been on your list this year – it’s possibly a priority that will carry over into 2024.

The focus on recruitment is a trend that’s been highlighted in the industry throughout the course of the year. Top sources have claimed that manufacturing companies are looking to expand their salesforce.

Hubspot actually lists sales roles within manufacturing as the fifth most hirable sales job in 2023.

With such hiring potential at your fingertips, you must utilise the skills and knowledge of manufacturing sales recruiters.

They’ve got the skills, experience and extended reach that will help your business make quality hires.

Here’s how manufacturing sales recruiters can help you start 2024 with a bang.

Manufacturing Sales Recruiters Will…

Uncover Your Next Sales Superstar

Did you know that 70% of manufacturing customers say they have made purchasing decisions based on customer service quality?

This means you must have staff who will represent your business impeccably.

There are several ways sales manufacturing recruiters can help you uncover top talent.

They have a range of tools at hand that help them specialise in the sales manufacturing industry.

For example, there are a reported 75,000,000 manufacturing LinkedIn users in 2023.

Some will be experienced salespeople, and some will be candidates looking to secure their first sales manufacturing role.

If you want to redefine your recruitment process, you must think outside the box.

By working with a specialist recruitment agency, you can extend your reach and have access to tools you may not have used in-house.

You’ll uncover a range of talent you didn’t know existed – talent that will propel your business forward.

AvA-V have a team of specialist manufacturing sales recruiters who can help handpick talent for your business.

Manufacturing Sales Recruiters Will…

Innovate And Expand

How often have you thought about making multiple hires at the same time?

We understand you’re busy – you’ve got meetings to sit, ideas to implement and a business to grow. 

Do you really have the time to sit interview after interview to hit your hiring quota?

If any of this rings true, manufacturing sales recruiters can ease the pressure with a bespoke volume hiring solution.

But what actually is volume hiring?

By definition, volume hiring involves recruiting multiple people for the same role at the same time.

It’s a solution that focuses on making high-potential, quality hires simultaneously.

You may not realise it, but high-volume hiring comes with many benefits for businesses looking to innovate.

Here’s how manufacturing sales recruiters can use volume hiring to redefine your volume process.

It Prepares For The Future By Embracing Change

84% of future-ready manufacturers can react rapidly to market change. Volume hiring can help you prepare for the future by hiring all of your staff now.

It Encourages Diversity And Inclusion

Manufacturing Institute’s report reveals that 64% of surveyed companies acknowledge the significance of diversity and inclusion. High-volume recruitment will enable you to broaden your salesforce.

It Helps You Keep Up With Customer Demands

97% of manufacturing professionals observe evolving customer demands. Having a new wave of sales talent who are informed on industry trends will encourage your team to keep up with industry changes.

Manufacturing Sales Recruiters Will…

Accelerate Growth In Your Team

Bringing new sales bodies in is a fantastic way of elevating your process, but it doesn’t mean you should leave your experienced executives behind.

80% of manufacturing staff wanted to experience some form of training or upskilling in 2022, a trend that continued into this year.

With such a demand from your sales team to constantly improve, here are three things you can do to empower your salesforce.

  • Build trust in your team.
  • Group new and experienced reps together. 
  • Enlist on a bespoke training programme.

Training new hires and experienced executives will help your team sing from the same hymn sheet.

New hires can often feel intimidated when they start a new job – they see a team who’ve worked together for months, and it can often be difficult for them to settle in.

Sales training creates a bond between your team by teaching them new skills, breaking the ice and building relationships.

There are sales manufacturing recruiters who specialise in recruitment and training, delivering a complete package that kickstarts growth in your sales team.

AvA-V offer bespoke sales training that can empower, enhance and elevate your sales team.

We recruit and train, offering a complete package that’s tailored to your needs.

AvA-V Will… Help You Exceed Your Goals

Companies of all sizes can benefit from the help of dedicated manufacturing sales recruiters.

Whether you want to hire one specialist leader or onboard an influx of high-potential executives, AvA-V can help your business grow.

We’ll devise a tailored solution and oversee the whole process, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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