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TopRegal And Their Sales Training Requirements

A German-based organisation and provider of industrial equipment, TOPREGAL entered the UK market in 2021. Spreading all across Europe and with such rapid growth plans in mind, they realised they needed to provide their staff with the skills and attributes required to replicate such success in the UK.

As a company about to experience exponential growth, TOPREGAL needed a guiding hand to help them achieve the key goals they had mapped out…

  • Expand beyond being a process-driven organisation.
  • Drive growth across their customer service team.
  • Improve upselling and retention rates.
Bespoke Sales Training With AvA-V | TopRegal

“They take time to understand the business”

The AvA-V Solution

To enable the rapid growth TOPREGAL envisioned, AvA-V developed a bespoke training programme that would allow their customer service team to better engage with their target audiences and increase customer satisfaction tenfold. 

The company had clear plans for their training, so it fell to us to make these visions a reality.

From finding their need, we were able to understand their most important requirements and develop a bespoke training programme off the back of this.

The first step in this process was to understand what makes TOPGRAL tick. We wanted to understand their people, culture and aspirations to develop a tailored training solution. To achieve this, we conversed with company directors and team leaders to uncover the areas where their teams required the most support.

Some of the key modules TOPREGAL needed support with were:

  • Active listening.
  • Asking the right questions.
  • Learning the customer’s needs.

We understood that their tailored programme needed to focus on various aspects of the sales cycle, but that this learning would need to manifest over several training sessions across an extended period. As TOPREGAL are a global organisation, their days are often packed, so we had to develop a training schedule that would allow delegates to embed and retain learning.

Did you know that 90% of learning is lost after 30 days? This is why organising effective follow-up sessions is essential.

With this in mind, we developed a programme that would tackle individual aspects of the sales cycle in a digestible and impactful format.

“It’s the best I’ve ever know in over 20 years in industrial sales.”

The AvA-V Impact

As a result of their training, TOPREGAL have increased business performance exponentially.

They’ve seen first-hand growth in their staff on the floor, which has resulted in increased confidence and performance levels from their customer service team.

  • They exceeded their onboarding targets.
  • Customers are sticking around longer and completing more repurchases.
  • They’ve moved to their next growth phase much quicker than expected.

TOPREGAL are ready to begin hiring new team members who can begin the process as the first wave of delegates reaches the end of their first cycle.

But their training successes don’t end there…

In index websites such as Trusted Shops, they now rank NUMBER ONE in their industry, higher than all of their competitors.

Training with AvA-V for 2 years has allowed them to upscale the business, onboard and retain more customers and increase online visibility.

TOPREGAL UK are thriving.

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