It’s no secret that the finance sector, including finance sales, must carry out a set amount of Continuing Professional Development hours each year.

To allow you to continue to grow your organisation, the 35 hours of professional development hours will go a long way in your success.

A large part of your finance job, whether you’re a Financial Advisor or a Finance Sales Executive, is the sales.

Financial sales training is a need for all organisations… which is why you should seek external support!

AvA-V have helped global finance organisations enhance their sales function through bespoke training.

These are the skills we believe your team need to help them fulfil their maximum potential.

Finance Sales Skill #1 - Elevating The Customer Journey

The landscape of finance sales pitches’ is changing in 2023.

Customers are demanding a better experience from finance companies.

They seek an experience that fits into their daily routine.

They don’t want to hear from people who will engross them in an hour-long sales pitch.

A reported 70% claim they would switch to a financial services provider that offers a better experience than their current provider.

That’s nearly 3/4 of customers who would leave for your competitors.

To prevent this from happening, you need to create a customer experience process that can’t be matched by anyone else.

If you can understand what customers want and how they want it delivered, you can adapt your financial sales approach to extend the customer lifecycle with the help of financial sales training.

AvA-V can help you with this.

As a global Sales Solution Specialist, we understand that customer expense is a priority for many finance businesses, and we’ll help you create an unforgettable customer journey.

Financial Sales Skill #2 - Listening Before You Speak

A common complaint that we’ve noticed from some finance companies is that their sales pitches fall flat at the start.

They craft these fantastic sales scripts packed with details and facts, only to see little success.

The problem lies in the fact you may be saying too much.

Financial sales isn’t about reeling off a script as fast as you can, it’s about understanding the customer and crafting the perfect response to their needs.

Encourage your staff to practice active listening.

According to Gong Labs, the very best sales performers have a talk-to-listen ratio of 43:57.

But how can you encourage your team to get close to their ratio?

Well, you could enlist the help of a dedicated Sales Trainer.

At AvA-V, we encourage all delegates who enlist in our programmes to practice active listening.

We can craft a tailored sales training programme for your business that helps your sales reps elevate their sales pitch.

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Financial Sales Skill #3 - Be Affirmative In Your Close, Not Demanding

Some say it’s the easiest part of a sales pitch; some say it’s the hardest.

The close.

Depending on your stance, you may look forward to the end of your sales pitch, as it allows you to wrap up how great you are.

The issue is – many sales reps don’t understand how to make an exciting and effective close.

Did you know the close rate of deals for financial advisors can sit anywhere between 10% and 45%?

Do you know what your current close rate is?

Would you like to know how you can improve it?

Financial sales training.

Whether you want your staff to enhance their negation skills or encourage them to add extra value at the end of their pitch, AvA-V’s global Sales Trainers are ready to help you craft the perfect close.

Train With The Best

These are the financial sales trends we’ve noticed so far in 2023.

And whilst we don’t pretend to be the experts, we have helped respected names in the finance industry achieve and exceed their desired growth plans.

So whether you want to help your staff navigate a digital switch, develop an enticing opening or reduce your employee turnover, AvA-V’s sales training courses can help you elevate your organisation.

“AvA-V always listened to our business requirements and tailored them accordingly.”

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