As we’re sure you’re aware, new home building companies are currently experiencing what is being referred to as a “house price hangover”.

According to The Evening Standard, the boom in the prices of houses is over, and we’re about to experience an extended “lull”.

Whilst we’re by no means the experts, our research into the industry has led us to uncover potential workarounds for salespeople to ensure that targets are met and profit margins are increased.

We believe that bespoke training, assistance with processes and help with staffing issues could be the solutions to help new home construction companies thrive in the coming months.

Here are our top tips for combatting the potential slump on the horizon. These will hopefully help new homes salespeople prosper.

Internal Communication At New Home Building Companies Is Essential

To see maximum efficiency, your internal divisions need to be on the same page.

Regardless of which stage of the cycle your work falls in, everybody needs to be singing from the same hymn sheet.

Friction between divisions will create a slowed sales process.

Research from the Project Management Institute (PMI) has shown how crucial communication is in the new homes and construction sector.

In their studies, the PMI found that companies with minimal communication completed only 37% of projects on time.

On top of this, just 52% of businesses met their original goals.

It may not seem like it, but this hold-up in the process will create a trickle-down effect that leads to you making fewer sales and building fewer homes.

So, how can new home build companies combat this?

What you can do is assign roles and responsibilities at each stage of the new homes building process.

AvA-V can help you establish a clear and efficient communication process. Our first-class sales training courses can improve teamwork, organisation and continuity, helping you develop an effective and reliable communication process.

New Homes Are Being Scaled Back, So Yours Need To Stand Out

A culmination of several factors has seen a stall in the production of new homes.

The fall in buyer demand, increased mortgage rates and rise in the cost of building are all contributing factors as to why house builders are holding back.

From our external position, our (humble) opinion is that the best thing for new home building companies to do in this slump is to increase the excitement and engagement levels of all sales pitches.

With the production of new homes decreasing, you need to make your existing new builds stand out from your competitors. Focus more of your efforts on attracting the people who still want to buy.

AvA-V can help you with this.

We can equip your salespeople with the skills to market your homes by giving them the soft skills they need to make more sales.

Whether you’re looking to train just one or a core group of salespeople, our world-renowned sales trainers can provide you with training that will elevate your sales function and see an increased ROI.

New Home Construction Trend - Combat The Talent Shortage

Over the five-year period between 2017 and 2022, the size of Britain’s construction industry workforce has shrunk by 3%.

In the same time period, the number of self-employed industry members fell by 15.9%.

Many of these problems have been chalked up to an inability to attract young people to the industry.

So what are you to do?

Well, you must future-proof your business by making yourself an attractive company for young people.

Create a company culture where young people want to develop a promising sales career.

AvA-V specialises in bespoke graduate programmes that assess, recruit and train the very best graduate talent on the market. We devise a tailored programme that allows new home sales companies to make multiple hires.

Are you curious to know more? Learn more about our graduate programmes here.

AvA-V Are Here To Help New Home Building Companies

That’s our take on what’s been happening in the industry.

If you need assistance improving sales performance at your business, we’re here to give you the boost you need.

AvA-V are Sales Solution Specialists, and we are well versed in Sales Recruitment, Sales Training and Graduate Programmes. We can provide you with a bespoke development plan to refine skills, boost conversion and exceed expectations.

Don’t just take it from us – we’ve worked with several respected new home building companies, analysed new home construction trends and helped elevate their sales function.

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