There’s no doubt that recruitment requires lots of thought and planning. There is also no doubt that chess, as we approach International Chess Day, is one of the most tactical sports.

Chess is a game that requires fantastic mental agility to stay focused and keep composed.

Recruitment is a professional that requires mental agility to navigate interviews and negotiations.

But these aren’t the only similarities the two share.

It’s international chess day on the 20th of July. We thought we’d look at how chess and recruitment are more similar than you may realise.

You Need To See The Whole Picture

Chess is one of the most intense sports because of the requirement to focus on the entire board at all times.

The best chess players in the world can’t afford to zone in on one section of the board, as they may miss a crucial move from their opponent elsewhere.

International chess day emphasises that you must see the whole picture to make the right strategic move.

Recruitment also requires a view of the whole picture.

It’s easy to get lost in the excitement of an interview or the rush we feel when formally offering a candidate a role, but we mustn’t let this cloud our judgement.

Sometimes a wider picture is needed to make informed decisions.

Are there any market trends you need to be aware of? Is your top candidate being chased by another company? If so, the whole picture can help you decide the best course of action.

Staying Calm Equals Success

Staying calm under pressure is one of the greatest skills that top chess players possess.

It’s a must for what they do. If they grow frustrated and lose their patience, they miss key moves from their opponents.

As a recruiter, you need patience and the ability to stay calm, wouldn’t you say so?

Both professions require you to keep a level head to do your job to the best of your abilities.

Things in recruitment may sometimes go against you, despite your best efforts. This may be a candidate ghosting, accepting a counteroffer or your boss not agreeing with your judgment of a candidate.

You must keep your cool in these moments, as a poor and rash decision could have consequences later.

Stay calm to succeed

A Wide Variety Of Skills and Attributes Are Needed

To win a game of chess, one must utilise all the tools at their disposal and take advantage of the attributes that every piece possesses.

Each piece on a chess board is valuable, with unique traits and skills that can be incorporated into a strategy.

So whilst the Queen may hold the power, every piece must be strategically used to maximise its potential.

International chess day is a time when the importance of each piece is recognised. However, you should value and appreciate your recruitment team all year round.

Everybody involved in your recruitment process has a vital role to play. Whether they’re a resource, recruiter or manager, everybody’s contributions to your hiring process cannot be understated. 

3 in 4 job seekers and workers prefer diverse companies and coworkers. If you can demonstrate your commitment in the recruitment process, you will set your business up for success. 

A diverse group of people with a range of experience and skills can accomplish lots.

Apply this philosophy to your hiring process moving forward.

Timing Is Everything

Both chess and recruitment need to be measured carefully and executed at the right time.

If they’re not, you could see a downturn in results.

In both instances, moving too quickly or too late can cause problems that will need time to heal.

In chess, you may be too rash in your decision to make a move and notice afterwards that your opponent has a clear path to victory.

When comparing this to recruitment, you may make an offer to an applicant without any thought or discussion, only to discover they don’t gel with the rest of your team.

Knowing when to act is a vital skill that many recruiters lack. Considering it takes a reported average of 44 days to appoint people, you can’t act too quickly or too late if you want to hire the best people.

Timing is everything in recruitment.

Learning Lessons From International Chess Day

Hopefully, now you see the main similarities between chess and recruitment and how your business can learn lessons from international chess day this year.

Approaching your hiring process like a professional chess tournament can help you realign your vision, goals and strategies to see an upturn in results.

If you need assistance with your hiring process, AvA-V’s dedicated recruitment team can provide you with the expertise you need to make your next hire.