Growing a sales team is a rewarding process, but it’s also a process that can sometimes be less than flawless. But have you ever considered growing your team with high-volume recruitment?

You may not have heard of it, but it’s the business solution that will deliver impeccable results at a reduced cost.

Here’s what high-volume recruitment can do for your business.

Ignite Growth From The Botton-Up

High-volume recruitment is a unique business solution that not only immediately impacts your salesforce, but will also positively impact the wider business.

Think about it.

If you onboard multiple new hires at a time, that’s several employees ready to bring fresh ideas to the table.

This wide variety of ideas can lead to several creative decisions that spark business growth.

Not only will this introduce new ideas that can drive your department forward, but it will create a buzz across the company.

People will latch onto the positive vibe spreading throughout the office and be spellbound by the magnitude of it.

Make multiple hires. Find new ideas. Reap the rewards.

Speaking of multiple hires…

Light The Fuse To Make Multiple Hires At Once

If business growth is on the horizon, it’s possible you’re looking to make more than one hire at a time.

Companies who have a clear vision to expand their team can often spend hours at a time in interviews, only to come out of it with a singular hire.

It’s fair to say your time could’ve been spent better.

This is why you need high-volume recruitment – it empowers you to make multiple hires at a time whilst also reducing your time to hire.

Find out how here.

Drive Friendly Competiton With The Hottest Talent On The Market

As your sales team picks up the pace for the end of the year, it’s vital you keep the fire burning within them.

Keep them working until the end and motivate them to close the year strong.

One way you can do this is by adding an intake of employees who’ll drive friendly competition in your department.

You can enhance this competition by offering incentives for your top performers and encouraging people to give 110%.

Fresh hires want to hit the ground running – give them the chance to do so.

The Numbers Behind High-Volume Recruitment

Did you know that…

73% of large organisations engage in high-volume recruitment? Are you missing out on top talent because you’re not hiring like everyone else?

Less than half (45%) of organisations strongly agree that their high-volume hiring strategy is effective. That means over half of businesses need help elevating their high-volume recruitment process!

8/10 candidates recruited and trained with volume hiring stay with your business long-term. High-volume recruitment helps you retain quality staff for longer – just by providing a complete onboarding process.

Recruiting at scale is a process progressive businesses use to expand their headcount and exceed their hiring goals.

It works because so many businesses don’t know how to utilise the power of volume recruitment.

If you understand the market or work with specialists who do, you can reap the endless rewards of hiring quality candidates.

Don’t Let The Fire Go Out In Your Sales Team

Volume hiring will keep the flames growing within your business for many years to come.

It future-proofs your business whilst reducing hiring costs and your time to hire

And when you partner with AvA-V, all of this will be bespoke to your business.

We’ll create a tailored hiring programme that focuses on the needs of your business whilst delivering first-class results.