Though you may have never even considered it, Volume Recruitment is the perfect solution for businesses that want to save time and money whilst increasing their headcount.

Not only is it affordable, but this recruitment method is time-efficient and can be tailored to fit the needs of any and all businesses.

It’s everything you’ve ever wanted from your recruitment process.

The Power Of Volume Recruitment #1

Reduce Time To Hire

In the era of digital recruitment, it’s getting harder to get the right people into a growing team in a suitable time frame.

Additionally, onboarding new staff quickly is vital to the future success of your business.

If you spend too much time hiring, sifting through CVs that aren’t suitable and interviewing candidates that aren’t as invested as you need, then other aspects of your business may begin to fall behind.

That’s why it is essential to establish a quicker turnaround from advertising your positions to placing a group of candidates.

Did you know that recruiters around the country spend one-third of their time each week sourcing applicants? It’s also stated by 55% of those surveyed that the time to hire is the second biggest issue faced by recruiters.

So, if you want to cut that time down to focus on the more important parts of your company’s services, you must make some changes.

And a volume recruitment solution solves all your potential issues.

Here’s how.

The Power Of Volume Recruitment #2

Lower Costs

As the cost of living crisis continues, quality hires demand a more competent wage, with the average salary for a Sales Executive in the UK coming in at just shy of £22,000.

The actual “cost” of hiring anyone today is approximately £3,330, including recruiter wages and the recurring cost of tools and software.

That’s a lot of money for one operative.

And when you’re looking to recruit for a more senior position, say the likes of a Sales Manager – then this recruitment cost will naturally increase, with more resources required and a smaller pool of candidates available.

Using AvA-V’s services are guaranteed to reduce this cost.

Not only does AvA-V possess industry-leading volume recruitment technology (meaning you won’t have to pay fees yourself), but you won’t actually need to pay a penny until the volume recruitment process is complete.

So, you can hand over the stress of screening unsuitable candidates, save on your internal budget and start spending the money you would spend on the recruitment process on other areas of your business that need further support.

The Power Of Volume Recruitment #3

Achieve Growth Plans

By the end of September 2023, 18% of trading businesses expect their turnover to increase. This means that it’s looking to be a busy FW23 for the UK.

So, as more work floods in, companies that have recently experienced a period of success must look to hire new talent to meet the new demands.

In order to achieve growth as we move into 2024, all industries will need to expand and increase their headcount.

Perhaps your company has an exciting project on the horizon that requires more operatives than you currently employ.

Maybe you’re expanding into new areas and need a squad of fresh blood to help drive sales.

Do any of these hypotheticals apply to your business?

If so, you need volume recruitment.

Using a method of a 25-plus group interview, where candidates are assessed side-by-side, our clients can see each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses up against each other, making the choice of hire far easier and speeding up the process massively.

Utilising the untethered power of volume recruitment allows you to meet candidates virtually or face-to-face and pick from the pool of top talent in just 3.5 hours.

Now that’s a morning well-spent.

Embrace The Power Of Volume Recruitment

So, what do you think?

Does the power of volume recruitment tick tackle any of the issues your business is struggling to overcome?

If it does, why not get in touch?

The experts at AvA-V will design and deploy a bespoke hiring scheme to meet your needs, acquiring the candidates you need in record time and for a great rate.

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