In the world of recruitment, the question of “What are group interviews?” often gets thrown about, as people are keen to find a hiring process that works for them.

A group interview is, by definition, where an interview meets with multiple candidates at once. Held virtually or face-to-face (depending on your facilitator), you can ask the same questions to multiple candidates simultaneously.

But did you know that you can do so much more than ask questions?

So, let’s answer the question: what are group interviews, and how can they help your business?

Time And Money

Group interviews are also a cost-efficient solution to your recruitment problems. This happens because you spend less money on internal recruiters.

It also helps that people interviewed in a group interview setting are on a lower wage than your Senior Managers, meaning you can create a baseline salary that many hires will be happy with.

Group interviews can also save you money in another sense.

That’s because, as the saying goes, time is money.

Group interviews are a fantastic way to cut down on your time in interviews.

In-person job interviews last between 45 and 90 minutes on average.

Why make two hires in a day when you can make 15 simultaneously by hiring en masse?

Reduce Bias

What are group interviews going to do to remove bias? You may be wondering.

A lot more than it may first appear on the surface.

Think about it – how often have you decided you won’t hire somebody within seconds of meeting them?

It’s quite a common issue in recruitment.

In fact, 96% of recruiters think unconscious bias is a problem.

So, what are group interviews going to do to fix it?

By placing all candidates in the same environment, the chances of experiencing bias in an isolated incident are greatly reduced.

If you partner with a specialist volume hiring agency (such as AvA-V), you won’t meet your candidates until the group interview – completely removing the possibility of bias!

Drastically Increases Headcount

You may be wondering what are group interviews going to do to help you hit your hiring goals.

Well, the beauty of a group interview for exceeding your quota cannot be understated.

It’s simple – because you‘ve experienced the benefit of seeing all of your candidates simultaneously, you have the pleasure of cherry-picking the best.

You can choose your hires immediately after the interview and get straight to offering your candidates. And because employers will interview an average of 6 candidates for every job vacancy they advertise, you’ll save hours worth of time mulling over interview notes.

Additionally, because group interviews work so brilliantly for entry-level positions, every applicant you onboard will have a similar salary expectation, greatly speeding up the process.

Mass hiring also creates a feel-good factor in your new hires – they know they’ll start their new job with like-minded people.

If you partner with AvA-V, every candidate forwarded to the group interview will be chosen for your business, meaning you have free reign over the candidates you take on.

Tailored recruitment not only lets you hit your hiring quota but future-proof your business with quality hires!

Kickstart Business Growth With AvA-V

A group interview could be the key to solving your recruitment problems.

Group interviews provide a cost-effective and impartial solution to many common problems recruiters may face.

If you work with AvA-V for your volume hiring solution, your group interview will be bespoke to your business.

We’ll find candidates, facilitate a group interview and design sales tasks just for you.