Raging on for over three months, “The Hollywood Writers Strike” shows no signs of slowing down. Covering a range of issues such as pay, working conditions and employee health and wellbeing, it’s one of the most critical points in recent filmmaking history.

Having since been joined by the actors’ union in their demand for better working conditions, this recent period in Hollywood history is raising many questions regarding employee health and wellbeing.

These issues aren’t exclusive to the American filmmaking industry – they’re issues that apply to businesses across the globe.

So we’ve taken the time to analyse the core issues raised by the writer’s strike and see if they’re issues that could arise in your business.

Not Every Issue Is About Pay

If you didn’t know about the context of the strike, you might assume that it’s all about pay.

Whilst pay is a factor in their strikes (as earnings for writers have fallen 23%), the main reason for the disruption is to do with employee standards in the workplace.

Chalking it all up to pay isn’t fair to the Hollywood employees. There’s a lot more that happens behind the scenes that cause upset, including poor environment, out-of-date tools and a lack of resources.

With this in mind, have you considered how your employees may feel about their work?

Are you giving them enough recognition for the hard work they’re doing?

Employee issues go far above the money.

Health and wellbeing, recognition and credit and working environments are all equally important factors in employee satisfaction.

Are The Conditions Right For Employee Health And Wellbeing?

One of the greatest factors in the current strikes is the poor working conditions.

With the introduction of AI into professional work, more and more writers are concerned about their future in the industry.

New technologies are a vital part of evolving and adapting business. When used right, technology can massively enhance a writer’s work.

Their worry is that AI is there to replace, not asset them.

Have you recently introduced AI into your workplace?

If so, have you given your staff a reason to worry about their job security?

Ensure your staff that you have the full support, give them the tools to help them thrive and allow them to shine in a space that suits them.

Employee Health And Wellbeing Is Vital To Avoiding Disruptions

One thing that the Hollywood writer’s strike has taught us is that power does belong to the people.

With tens of thousands of writers and actors both on strike, production of content within Hollywood has essentially stopped.

So as much as the leaders and executives may make the decisions, the work they demand won’t be completed without the people there to do it.

The writers deserve a voice, so they’re taking action – to get what they deserve.

Now relate this to your business.

Are you giving your people the voice they deserve?

The best businesses that value employee health and wellbeing give their staff a say in business decisions.

And whilst their input may not contribute to the final outcome, allowing them to voice their opinion and giving them a platform to share ideas will help them feel like the valuable member of the team they are.

According to research by Forbes, employees who feel their voices are heard are 4.6 times more likely to produce their best work.

Explore if you could do more to boost staff morale.

Get Help From The Experts

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