Are you looking to pursue a strong sales career? Do you want to meet new people, build relationships and change lives for the better?

There’s no career for it quite like sales.

Many people who leave education, develop new skills or seek new opportunities often wonder: “Why Do I Want A Career In Sales?” or “Is Sales A Good Career?”

Let us answer that question for you.

A Sales Career Brings Increased Earning Potential

Sales careers have attractive perks. Whether it’s detailed career progression opportunities, learning and development or incredible bonuses, there are many reasons to work in sales.

Many opportunities rank among the highest-paying sales jobs UK. In fact, the average salary for sales professionals in the UK is £40,737, which is almost £13,000 higher than the UK’s average income!

Your base salary will (typically) directly correlate to your experience. This means that as you sharpen your skills and perfect your craft, your base salary should increase too!

A sales career is also unique as there are many opportunities to earn commission!

Salespeople are often incentivised to hit their targets with fantastic commission structures, monthly/quarterly bonuses and some of the highest-paying sales jobs UK.

You may even earn uncapped commission, depending on your employer. If you work hard, you will reap the rewards. That’s a great reason to pursue sales career.

Sales Brings Increased Earning Potential

Reasons To Pursue Sales Career - Job Security and Future Opportunities

In an ever-changing job market, finding a role that grants you security and certainty over your future is invaluable.

As the candidate, you currently have the power in the job market, as the number of open jobs currently exceeds the number of job seekers by 2:1.

When you find a new position, your work will be appreciated more than ever.

This gives you job security and the opportunity to learn, grow and develop.

If you want to develop your career and learn new skills, joining an organisation that provides its staff with training is invaluable for your growth.

All of this is highlighted by the fact you are a salesperson!

If you’re wondering “Is sales a good career”, you must remember – every business has a sales process. There is always a need for top sales talent.

Endless opportunities and chances to learn and grow? These are great reasons to work in sales!

By joining a company with a huge sales function and lots of work to do, you’re ensuring your future by filling your plate with as much work as you’d like!

The world really is your oyster as a Sales Executive! There are so many reasons as to why work in sales!

Is Sales A Good Career For Developing Transferrable Skills?

Employers love soft skills.

As valuable as industry knowledge, language skills and certifications are, they do not compare to having a fantastic range of soft skills as a salesperson.

Soft skills are self-developed traits that aren’t specific to any role. They’re attributes that can be transferred seamlessly between jobs.

You likely have a long list of transferrable skills without even realising it!

Here are just a few examples:

  • Communication.
  • Leadership.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Teamwork.
  • Determination.

Click here to learn more about transferrable skills.

Transferrable skills provide good reasons to pursue sales career, as they’re used in every aspect of your role.

You can learn the ins and outs of a product or how to describe your industry, but you can’t learn people skills sitting in a classroom.

If you have an interview for a sales role lined up, don’t be afraid to discuss your soft skills and explain why they make you a great salesperson!

Sales Lets You Develop New Skills

Why Work In Sales? It Requires No Prior Experience

Several students and recent graduates face a certain worry when they leave education.

They’re concerned they’ll struggle to find an employer that’ll take them with no work experience.

For roles where you have related education experience, this worry may be valid… but sales isn’t like this.

When looking for reasons to work in sales, you can take solace knowing anybody can start a sales career. Most sales roles don’t require any previous experience or industry knowledge. As such, it presents fantastic opportunities for hungry applicants to begin an exciting chapter in their careers. Defiantly some reasons to pursue sales careers.

As long as you demonstrate you’re aforementioned transferable skills, you’ll stand a better chance than most at securing the role.

Rather than discussing work experience, talk about life experience and how that makes you unique.

What’s your biggest accomplishment? Is there something really unique about you not on your CV? What do you like to do in your free time?

If you’re looking where to start in sales, these details will help you stand out amongst the crow and make your application stick with your recruiter.

Is Sales A Good Career? Absolutely!

A career in sales offers many fantastic opportunities to the right people.

Sales is dynamic and versatile – no two days will look the same.

There are so many reasons to work in sales: opportunities to learn, expand your skills and climb all the way to the top.

Finding your career with AvA-V also provides some of the highest-paying sales jobs UK allowing you to determine your own income.

If you’re thinking “Why do I want a career in sales?” hopefully this blog has helped you understand why!

“Is sales a good career for me?” –  the answer should be YES!