Networking and building connections is a game-changer when it comes to your career. It’s like having a team of supporters who will help you find opportunities and guide you towards success. 

You may be wondering “Why is it important to build strong connections?”

Don’t be intimidated by the term “networking”. It’s simply about professionally making new friends.

By connecting with other professionals, you can build a mutually beneficial relationship that will help you both achieve your goals.

Why Is It Important To Build Strong Connections?

Building connections is incredibly valuable since it makes you more adaptable. If you come across challenging or unfamiliar situations, you can rely on your extensive network of people who can offer solutions or provide support. By keeping a diverse professional network, you can enhance your job stability. Here’s why you should be building connections:

Discover New Job Opportunities

Were you aware that networking is responsible for securing up to 70% of employees in their current jobs? building connections is an excellent way to uncover new career opportunities. By building connections, you increase your chances of success during your next job search because every new connection you make is another person who might be able to assist you. When pursuing a career change, you can reach out to your connections and enquire about any potential opportunities. Additionally, your connections can offer recommendations or serve as a reference during the application process, making them even more valuable. Employee referrals account for 40% of all hires!

Improved Development

Expanding your network can lead to improved professional growth. This is because the more connections you establish, the more opportunities you have to enhance your skills. By consistently building connections, you may come across unique experiences that catch your interest and motivate you to explore further.

Discover New Ideas

Your network can be a fantastic resource for fresh ideas and diverse perspectives that can help you excel in your job. Engaging in conversations with your connections about their experiences, challenges, and goals can provide valuable insights that you may not have considered otherwise. Furthermore, many of your connections may be active Linkedin users who share their ideas with their connections. So, looking on LinkedIn daily will help you come across new ideas as you explore what other people are up to.

Receive Career Support & Advice

One of the great advantages of building connections is being able to receive support and advice. You’ll have access to a range of professionals with diverse skills and expertise available at your fingertips. If you encounter a problem, you can always reach out to your connections to seek solutions or guidance.

Effective Ways To Build Connections

If you’re interested in benefiting from building connections, here are some effective ways to do so.

Participate In Your Industry

Attending industry events (like conferences) is a great way to meet professionals and build connections. These events offer the opportunity to connect with senior industry professionals who have years of experience.

Be Outgoing

Being outgoing is a trait that can benefit you in so many ways. Picking up hobbies or attending events that encourage you to interact with new people is a great way to develop this trait.

 Even if not directly related to your job, you may still meet people who are invaluable roles to have in your network. You can practice being outgoing in daily life by engaging in more conversations or making small talk. The more you practice this skill, the better you’ll get at it and the more comfortable you’ll feel doing it.

Be Open When meeting New People

Look For Commonalities

A good way to start a conversation is by finding a shared interest or responsibility, whether it be personal or professional. Sharing these interests can help people provide insight into each other and build a strong foundation for a lasting relationship.

Provide Value

In order to foster strong and lasting connections, it’s important to prioritise providing value and support to those around you. By showing a genuine willingness to lend a hand when needed most, you’re able to demonstrate a level of mutual respect and care that can further strengthen your relationships over time. Whether it’s offering guidance, assistance, or just a listening ear, taking the time to help others can go a long way in building connections

Networking Tips

According to a recent survey, a significant 79% of professionals believe that building a strong network of connections is essential to achieve success in their careers. To help you establish valuable connections, we have assembled some useful tips that will assist you in building connections.

Building connections and a useful network requires maintaining relationships. It’s important to interact with your connections, not just reach out when you need support. Congratulate them on promotions and share articles they may be interested in. Small interactions are key to long-lasting connections.

Building connections isn’t solely about meeting people who can help you. The best professional relationships are when both people are interested in learning about each other and supporting where possible. So, don’t be afraid to be curious and ask people questions, get to know them. A few great questions to ask could be:

  • “What sparked your interest in your industry”
  • “What’s your favourite part of your role”

Hopefully, you now have a strong insight into why building connections is vital for a successful career.

You should now know the answer to the question “Why is it important to build strong connections?”

Why not challenge yourself to make 10 new connections by the end of the week? You never know who you might meet and how they could impact your future success…Let’s get started!

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