It’s the Cricket World Cup Final this weekend!

Are you excited?

As the world waits for the converted final to start, we’ve prepared something to ingest as you wait for the excitement to kick in.

There are several lessons that cricket can teach us about business, specifically, the importance of working as a team.

So, as it’s the Cricket World Cup final this weekend, let’s explore how we can take lessons on the importance of working as a team from the tournament’s last winners, England!

Have A Blend Of Skills

Cricket is arguably the sport that best reflects business.

It’s a game full of people with varied skills who come together to achieve a goal.

Bowlers need different attributes from Batters, and All-Rounders need a bit of everything.

The same principle applies to your business – your sales team will have skills that your marketing department doesn’t, and vice versa.

Building a varied team is crucial to success.

Collate People With A Range Of Experience

England’s win in 2019 wasn’t a fluke.

They didn’t get lucky with the opposition – they had to beat some of the best teams in the world.

Their triumph came because of the hard work and preparation that had gone in behind the scenes.

Like all great businesses, there’s a team of experts who’re plotting their next move… and England’s squad was a reflection of the foreplanning and preparation.

With a squad consisting of ages from 24-33, there was a balance to the England team that few other teams in the competition could replicate.

They had the perfect balance of potential and experience.

Take a look at your teamdo you see a healthy blend of young and old? Youth and experience?

It’s a crucial detail in the success of any business.

If you see an imbalance, consider your next intake of employees to be a mixture of experience and potential. Or why not train your team so they possess the same attributes to kickstart their success?

Get Everyone Bowling With The Same Ball

England’s winning team consisted of players from several backgrounds – a vital factor in their success.

With multiple squad members born outside of the UK (including match hero Ben Stokes), the participating players had a range of life and cricket experiences under their belts.

This helped the team develop a shared mindset, which helped them succeed as a team.

The sum of the team’s efforts was far greater than that of the individual efforts.

Teamwork, when combined with flair and hard-working talent, will take you far.

Does your team have synergy running through its core? Or are there maybe divisions that don’t operate as fluidly as they should?

Encourage socialising amongst different teams in your business. Continuity and collaboration are vital to your continued success!

So that’s how your business can learn from England’s 2019 triumph on the importance of working as a team.

Despite their underwhelming performance this spring, there are still lessons you can learn from the finalists this year!

Are you looking forward to the Cricket World Cup final? Let us know by starting a conversation here!

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