It’s been difficult to miss – the youngest-ever finalist in a world darts final.

Luke Littler.

His story is quite incredible – the 16-year-old rookie who coasted to the PDC World Darts Championship final entertained us with his skill, flair and showboating.

And despite losing Luke Humphries in the final, Littler demonstrated his true potential throughout his journey.

But Littler is more than a fantastic darts player – he’s an advocate for hiring young people.

Here are some benefits of hiring young people, as demonstrated by Luke “The Nuke” Littler.

Young People Possess Raw Talent

Luke Littler

Raw talent is an attribute only some are blessed with.

In Luke Littler’s case, he has natural talent in abundance. 

He also possesses a strong mentality, determination and dedication.

Littler’s darts career began when he was 18 months old after his father bought him a magnetic dart board from a pound shop.

He spent his life working with his natural skills and taking advantage of the talent he was born with to become the sensation he is now.

Combining talent with drive is a recipe for guaranteed success.

Many young employees possess the same level of sales potential as Littler does darts potential.

Whether it’s natural communication skills, interest in industry trends or familiarity with modern technologies, the youth of today possess a range of skills that can’t be taught with sales training.

And they’re determined to make the most out of their potential – 76% of Gen employees believe their career path is their responsibility.

The benefits of hiring young people for your salesforce are massive – don’t miss out on hiring the next superstar just because of their age!

Personality Helps Employees Shine

Whilst Littler’s age has been one of the defining aspects of his story, there’s more to him than just a number – there’s tonnes of personality and an image to match.

He quickly became famous for his omelette and pizza diet which fueled his journey to the final.

Littler has also found fame from his routine of a post-match kebab, having been snapped a few times in recent weeks. 

(Fun Fact: This even led to him receiving a kebab-related offer to Turkey before the final!)

Even at 16, he built himself a brand, a face and a name that could be recognised globally – the superstar kid with the pre and post-match routine.

Great salespeople with big potential do the same.

As we’re sure you’re well aware, personality is one of the biggest factors in what makes a great salesperson.

One of the many benefits of hiring young people is that they’re like an open book – there’s so much to learn about them, but with so much still to shape in their future.

Look for standout traits when hiring your next cohort.

What experiences are listed on their CVs? Do they mention any hobbies? What stands out about them when you start interviewing them?

The Many Benefits Of Hiring Young People

Now that you’re eager to invest in the future of your business, you need a specialist recruitment solution to find the best candidates for you.

As it happens, AvA-V has a dedicated Volume Hiring team that focuses on uncovering quality candidates en masse for your business.

It’s time to start growing your team.

When you start hiring for your next vacancy, don’t pass up on the potential of youth.

Even if they don’t throw darts like Littler, they can still hit the business bullseye.

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