Are you excited about the new Wonka film?

The latest instalment of chocolate, magic and inventions recently hit our screens, and it’s fair to say the hype has been enormous.

Nearly 20 years after the release of the last Wonka-based film, we learnt more about Willy Wonka’s history and how he became the world-renowned chocolate maker he’s known to be.

And with the plot surrounding Wonka’s success, it got us thinking – are there any real-life lessons business owners can learn from the magical world of Wonka?

What secrets are hiding just beneath the surface that you can use in your role today?

So, let’s discuss one of 2023’s final blockbusters and explore how, as a leader and entrepreneur, you can take inspiration from Wonka.

(Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve magical chocolate).

Golden Ticket #1

Don’t Give Up When Times Get Tough

“Every good thing in this world starts with a dream.”

Persistence is one of the most critical attributes anybody can possess.

The ability to pick yourself up after getting pushed down is beneficial in all avenues of life, especially when following your dreams. 

Willy Wonka is a shining example of this.

He faced adversity and, often at times, humiliation from people around him.

But he carried on doing what he loved and followed his vision.

And it brought him endless success.

You may experience times when your business goes through a slump, there’s a lack of customers, and things seem quiet.

You must carry on.

It may seem tough, but success is only around the corner!

Golden Ticket #2

Spot The Gap In Your Market

“He’s good, too good… and anyone can afford them!”

Explore what happens in Wonka – every piece of chocolate in the land is made by big businesses that only care about the profits.

Chocolate was merely a stepping stone to the big bucks, and there was no care or passion for what they did.

Wonka, on the other hand, cared about the product and the customer. That’s why he exhausted so much time and energy to make the best chocolate for the people.

Ultimately, it paid off. Wonka found a niche where nobody had succeeded and made it his own.

Parallel this idea with your company. Is there room for an innovative product/service never seen before? Or is there a way you can stand out above your rivals with first-class customer care?

There’s no denying that profits are a critical part of business, but profits won’t stay high forever if you don’t look after your customers.

Golden Ticket #3

Even When Success Comes, Don’t Stop Dreaming Big

“I guess it’s time to change the world…”

Some people find the slightest bit of success and are content.

Others reach heights unachieved by most others and still want more.

Which are you?

Willy Wonka was definitely the second.

This is seen in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

Even when Wonka had reached his peak in those films, he never stopped trying.

He always thought of new ideas that would innovate and change the world until the end.

Replicate this within your business – always have something to aspire to.

Even when you think you’ve reached the next level, start looking at the floor above and map out your journey there.

Success is infinite – it only stops when you make it stop.

Follow Your Dreams, Just Like Wonka

Having a vision is the first critical step for all aspiring businesspeople.

Having an idea, mapping out your journey there and achieving your goals is well worth the time, effort and resources you’ll use to get there.

Success is anything you want it to be.

If you’re eager to ride the Chocolate River to success in 2024, why not get in touch with AvA-V?

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