As a global superstar, Taylor Swift is no stranger to having a legion of followers.

This means her impact on people’s lives is heightened – everything she does is followed.

This is evident in both her music and her savvy Taylor Swift business approach.

With the mega star’s “Eras Tour” Concert Film set to become an autumn blockbuster with its premier next week, with advance tickets reaching $100 million already, we thought we’d take a look at the techniques Taylor Swift uses to maintain her spot at the very top of her industry while continually growing her business each year.

And we’ll break them down to see how these methods can help your business.

Never Let The Customer Forget You

Is there ever not a Taylor Swift song charting on the radio?

She’s always here, with an album cycle that would break most artists, but massively benefits the exposure the singer-songwriter experiences.

Boasting a catalogue of music that extends beyond 200 original songs, Taylor has more than enough music to be played at least once a day on pop-focused radio stations.

And that’s not all. By teaming up with artists of differing genres, Taylor has extended her reach into audiences she might not have reached previously.

So, what lessons can we take here?

  • By becoming a constant to your prospects, with effective customer comms, you are more likely to be thought of when the prospect requires your services and, therefore, more likely to make a sale.
  • By working with a client base you may not have thought of before, you may attract an entirely different audience.

Follow Trends

Businesses follow trends all the time – that’s how growth is achieved.

How you follow these trends will define whether you’re labelled an innovator or a copycat.

Taylor has been carefully adapting her sound and style over the years to adhere to the trends of the era she is in since she debuted her first single in 2006.

It’s never been transparent, but when you look at her discography it’s plain to see.

It’s clearly an extremely successful tactic, with artists like Drake capitalising on this method.

So, how can trend-chasing help you just like the Taylor Swift Business? People buy what they like, and people like what’s trending. So it’s important to closely follow sales trends on LinkedIn, in the news and beyond.

Jumping onto a trend can put you front and centre before your prospects, so make sure you’re offering something new or risk falling behind your competitors.

Reinvent Yourself While Staying True To Key Characteristics

In recent years, Taylor has begun turning her hand to directing, an entirely new industry to conquer. 

And it worked.

She gained enough respect to be included in Variety’s Directors On Directors feature in 2022.

And it’s won her an entirely new audience of consumers, with movie buffs now becoming fans of her work.

However, these directorial features have Taylor’s signature style all over them. He maintains a brand synergy that’s important to stopping fans from being alienated.

It’s important to reinvent yourself from time to time – In fact, AvA-V just went through a rebrand ourselves – it refreshes things for your customer base and can open doors to prospects you never even considered.

So, just how can you go about reinventing yourself?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Expand Your Market
  • Change Your Marketing Strategy
  • Find a New Niche

How Taylor Swift Grows Her Business Year After Year

Has this blog made you a Swifty? 

Maybe not, but monitoring the artist’s trajectory to stardom, accompanied by the leadership skills she displays as she builds a media empire is inspiring. 

She provides all businesses with valuable lessons.

Want to brush up on your own leadership skills?AvA-V offers all types of solutions that can turn you into a sales superstar.