Is your business ready to make 2024 the best year ever?

As we approach year-end, it’s time for one of the final sales milestones of 2023 – Black Friday.

And as it’s Black Friday week, we thought we’d look at some of the mind-boggling stats that will get your business geared up for a successful Black Friday campaign.

Over half of UK adults (51%) intend to spend money on Black Friday. 

These customers expect to spend an average of £189.59 EACH.

Last year, total sales reached an estimated £12.3 billion.

Crazy, right?

Black Friday is sales, which, as a Sales Solution Specialist, makes it our speciality… 

So, whilst you’re busy rolling out your campaign masterpiece, we thought it was only right that we look at the business solutions your business should purchase this Black Friday.

Start the year with a BANG and enter the new year in fifth gear.

Investing In Your Future As You’d Invest In Black Friday Sales

It’s not uncommon for people to spend money on Black Friday so they don’t have to later.

Even when there’s not an immediate need, it’s good to get ahead and plan for the future of your business.

The best example of this is Christmas.

Some 95% of shoppers plan on buying holiday gifts during the Black Friday sales.

It saves money now and gives them peace of mind, knowing they won’t be rushed off their feet later during the seasonal chaos.

Apply this principle to your business.

Does your business have growth plans on the horizon? Will you need to increase your headcount to meet the influx of work your sales team will bring on?

Maybe you don’t have the work right now, but bringing bodies in to combat a candidate shortage and prepare for your growth surge is a fantastic way of future-proofing your business.

We call this Volume Hiring.

If you want to make quality hires who can help you maintain consistent business growth, investing in a bespoke solution this Black Friday can help you exceed your aspirations in 2024.

Black Friday Sales - The Perfect Time To Hire?

For the past few years, the recruitment market has been predominantly candidate-led, with applicants deciding their future with a pack of employers chasing their signature.

This was due to a combination of reasons – The Great Resignation, the pandemic and an overall shortage of quality candidates.

However, this trend looks likely to come to a close.

One of the predicted recruiting trends for 2024 is that the market will shift from being a candidate-driven market to an employer-driven market.

And this shift couldn’t have come at a better time… Black Friday!

Black Friday is the perfect time to start hiring, as it aligns with the one in 20 workers who want to swap jobs before the New Year.

As we enter 2024, hire candidates who drive growth with innovation and fresh ideas by partnering with a dedicated recruitment agency – such as AvA-V.

We’re offering a special deal in the Black Friday Deals. Whether you want to hire a Senior Sales Executive or Specialist Business Development Manager, we have an expert recruiter who is ready to find your dream candidate… at a discounted rate!

Treat Your Whole Team To Training

One of the most prominent sales trends we’ve forecast for 2024 is that value-based selling is rising.

This trend appears with good reason. In 2023, a mind-blowing 87% of high-growth sales organisations now use a value-based sales approach.

This means that if you spend more time building value in a single prospect rather than hitting and hoping, you’ll see increased results.

The scattershot will result in a lack of productivity.

Stop pushing prospects to buy and, instead, utilise the power of persuasion in your pitch to close more deals.

Everyone benefits from sales training, whether you’re an experienced executive or a startup salesperson. 

To supplement your needs, we have AvA-V a HUGE discount on our Tailored Sales Training services that you need to invest in!

You won’t find another training solution like it! Think of it as a “pick and choose menu” where you design your own modules.

Time is running out – get your Black Friday deal now.

Getting Ahead For 2024

These Black Friday Sales tips will help you take your sales by storm in 2024.

It’s time to get ahead of your competition and invest in a bespoke solution that drives growth.

If any of the above solutions could benefit your business, start a conversation with our sales experts…

…but time is running out!

We have a live Black Friday discount where you can purchase our industry-leading solutions at an irresistible rate.

Whether it’s finding or inspiring your next generation of leaders, growing your headcount with thoroughly screened candidates or a tailored headhunt campaign, now’s the time to secure your discounted solution.