If you’re a sales professional working from during the COVID-19 crisis, you’re probably having to make some changes.

Remote selling is perfectly possible. In fact, it’s commonly used in sales, especially when salesperson and client are thousands of miles apart. However, it comes with its own unique challenges. You’ll need to get the technology working perfectly, utilise virtual customer tools and adapt both your processes and your patter. Sales managers will also need to work harder to keep their teams together, ensuring that communication and collaboration doesn’t stall.

Crucially, you’ll need to squeeze every last drop of value out of digital and social channels. It’s more important now than ever before to continue growing your business using every online tool at your disposal. You need to find and maximise sales opportunities even when you can’t meet leads and customers face-to-face.

Join our free Digital & Social Selling Webinar – this Friday at 11am

If you’re heading up a sales team that now works from home due to the coronavirus lockdown, you don’t have to go it alone. Over the last few weeks, AvA-V has launched a series of virtual training and online webinars to support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This Friday 3rd April at 11am, join AvA-V’s Leadership & Development Director David Farley in a free Digital & Social Selling Webinar called “How to engage your clients working from home”. This session will offer helpful, practical advice for selling remotely and managing remote sales teams, as well as how to grow your business virtually. David will look at the importance of social media and digital channels in keeping those lucrative opportunities flooding in, and offer advice on how to maximise value on these platforms.

Places on our popular business support and training seminars are limited, so act fast if you want to join in. To register for a free Webinar, simply fill in our short application form here.

In the meantime, we’ve put together some handy tips for remote sales teams adjusting to working from home this week:

  • Choose video calling over phone calling where possible. You won’t have opportunities to meet your client in-person at the moment, so you’ll need to work harder to win them over. Video sets a warmer tone for the conversation than a phone call, so prioritise it over a phone call where the client is willing.
  • Make an extra effort to be personable and build rapport. So much of what happens in a sales meeting is based on body language, but this can be lost in a video call. Make up for it with more expressive body language and facial expressions (but don’t go over the top) and leave some extra time for small talk.
  • Maintain the relationship with chat. To keep up momentum after a particularly good video call with a lead, stay in touch using chat rather than email. It could help you build a stronger bond.
  • Manage your time with a remote meeting scheduler, and set up automated reminders so you can stay on track.
  • Keep using CRM tools to maximise productivity and stay organised. Play around with it a little and you never know, you may even discover helpful tools for remote selling.

If your business is determined to stay on track with training, recruitment and strategy during the current global situation, we can help. Get in touch with AvA-V and well be happy to support you.