Creative recruitment strategies help you get past the typical hiring process. Many companies want to find new ways to improve talent attraction and make quality hires.

Whilst posting a job on a job board is still undoubtedly effective, there are other, more creative ways of improving talent attraction.

So, whilst you may be one of the 62% of talent teams that find more high-quality candidates through sourcing than inbound applications, it will be beneficial for you to diversify your approach.

Here are some creative ways of enhancing and elevating your talent attraction process.

Talent Attraction Via Social Media

It’s possible that your business is already active on social media.

It’s an essential part of all modern marketing campaigns: pushing content out on digital platforms is a key cog in business growth.

But are your social media to engage with your candidates?

You might be distributing a killer industry insight on LinkedIn or an office milestone photo on Facebook (both of which are great), but they won’t contribute to the candidate experience.

Be more open to new social media talent attraction campaigns.

Did you know that TikTok allows candidates to create a “TikTok Resume”?

Or that you can add a direct link to your application page in your Instagram bio?

These are little features that, when added up, can enhance your talent attraction campaigns with some flair and excitement.

Engage Through A Group Session

Recruitment and hiring have always been done singularly.

You contact one applicant at a time, book interviews one by one and (usually) hire one candidate at a time.

It’s what we’re told recruitment is, ever since we started our first professional position.

But what if we told you that this doesn’t have to be what recruitment is?

There is a creative and different talent attraction campaigns that not enough people take advantage of.

Group hiring.

Rather than speaking with candidates on a 1-2-1 basis, gather your talent in one space and allow them to collaborate.

This will teach you who possess the soft skills needed to thrive in your business.

Not only that, it saves you during the hiring process!

Learn more about AvA-V’s graduate programmes here.

Work On Your Employer Branding To Improve Talent Attraction

A tool that everybody has, but one that many don’t use.

Employer branding.

When conducting a recruitment process, you want to find fun and lively talent, yet also talent that is progressive and motivated.

Applicants want the same qualities from you.

Candidates want to know that you’re the right employer for them. That you are professional and forward-thinking, but also fun and caring.

You can demonstrate these qualities through employer branding.

Make a point to highlight when your employees reach milestones, celebrate their achievements and share media from company days out.

Sharing these posts online (via your website or social media) will help increase your outreach as a positive and progressive employer.

It’s also a cheaper hiring solution, as strong employer branding can reduce your cost-per-hire by 50%!

Discover the importance of employer branding here.

Ask For Employee References

Would you consider your employees to be happy at work?

Do you think they’d recommend you as a great employer if they were asked?

Then why not take advantage of their responses by using them as a legitimate recruitment strategy?

People are the best recruitment tool you have available.

That’s because people buy from people.

If your employees share positive reviews about you and your business with others, you’ll see increased interest in your vacancies.

Ask your team if they will share their positive experiences working for your business.

Word of mouth will go a long way to making quality hires for a long time to come.