Did you know, only 17% of British workers love their jobs? Sounds crazy right, especially when you incorporate that the average British worker works 36.7 hours every week! Now that is a LOT of time to spend on something you don’t love.

So, what makes a company a great place to work? A top-tier employer ensures that work-life is enjoyable, fulfilling, and challenging. Therefore, a great approach to job hunting is to gauge the happiness levels of the current employees. Happy employees are a huge indicator of the best places to work.

Discover what the best places to work are really made of so that you can spot an ideal employer with ease during your next job hunt.

Characteristics Of The Best Places To Work

To be considered as one of the best places to work, a company should prioritise the well-being and development of its employees, while also providing opportunities for growth and challenges. This can be achieved through fostering trust and respect between managers and employees.

The best places to work often share these characteristics:

Generous Rewards

Employers who place a high value on their workforce recognise the importance of providing compensation packages that are both appealing and sustainable. These packages take into account the local cost of living as well as the level of responsibility associated with the position. By prioritising the needs of their employees, these companies create a positive workplace culture that fosters loyalty, productivity, and overall success.

Company Culture

Working for a company with a positive culture can have a huge impact on your job satisfaction and productivity. When you’re surrounded by a supportive and encouraging environment, you’ll feel more engaged and motivated to do your best work.


For a work environment to be healthy, managers must trust their employees to work diligently and make good decisions on behalf of the business. A team that is trusted feels more appreciated and motivated to work harder. Research shows that highly trusted workplaces enjoy 50% higher employee productivity, 106% more energy at work and 13% fewer sick days!


Organisations that prioritise fairness are likely to have more successful teamwork because every employee feels they have equal opportunities. Fairness can be shown through unbiased promotions, equal recognition and rewards, and regular, open feedback.


Something all businesses desire and a key factor in becoming one of the best places to work is having great communication. Strong communication can benefit employees in a variety of ways, most importantly it creates better engagement between employees building a healthy company culture and increasing employee satisfaction.

Employee support

Becoming one of the best places to work requires providing substantial employee support. Just imagine trying to do your job without any support! The top employers understand the importance of ensuring their staff is well-prepared to perform their duties efficiently and effectively. This involves offering manageable workloads, adequate resources, and a supportive environment. These key elements are absolutely essential for building a motivated and engaged workforce who truly enjoy their jobs.

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The Benefits Of A Positive Workplace

Having a positive, healthy, and joyful work environment is crucial. Studies suggest that happy workers are 13% more productive, emphasising the importance of promoting a positive atmosphere in the workplace. In addition to boosting productivity, Positive work environments can benefit from:

  • Enhanced mindset – Being a part of a positive team can motivate individuals to focus on skill development and personal growth along with the company. The best places to work encourage their team to grow and provide activities such as expert training and development opportunities to help achieve career advancements.
  • Improved Collaboration – Collaboration among employees is essential for a great work environment. It enables staff to make friends, build professional relationships, and expand their network. Additionally, teamwork can reduce the workload of employees as they can support each other in achieving their targets and goals.
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There are endless reasons why you should join one of the best places to work! Working at a top workplace offers great benefits, including competitive pay and a supportive environment that promotes growth. It motivates individuals to reach their personal and professional potential.

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